On the 25th of September 2022 we continue with the Tape Group ‘Private 25’, Part 3. Every class we had so far was a beautiful warm and comforting moment of reuniting in the stillness of our Being. Joel Goldsmith was present in the meetings. We want to continue and hope that you join us too, in this amazing event of deep study and stillness. Sign up today to experience this with us in part 3 of the Tape Group Private 25!

"You know those three words have been haunting me all of this year.  Omniscience. Omnipresence.  I don’t know how many times you’re going to hear them on tape, because this seems to me to be the true God, the God that you can’t put a label on, the God that you cannot finitize, and the God that you won’t even try to influence.  But, in the moment of recognition of Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, you find it easy to relax and let yourself be influenced by that one, true God—your Father and my Father".
Joel S. Goldsmith in tape 357 B: Toward Peace

The Format

The format we have used is this. The Tape Group meeting consists of three parts:

  • Contemplative / prayer MEDITATION for 30 minutes
  • Followed by an INTRODUCTION by Wim, regarding the specific tape we use that class (approx. 20 minutes)
  • LISTENING to 30 minutes or more of the specific tape (see below in schedule) by Joel S. Goldsmith. 
  • There is a Q&A (Questions and Answers) moment after the tape listening.
  • Each webinar lasts about 1,5- 2 hours, (you are free to attend any part).

The Basis

The basis for the classes are the Private 25 talks of Joel S. Goldsmith, there are 25 of them. See below for the tapes to listen to on Youtube and see the schedule which one’s we use in part 3 of the Tape Group Private 25.

Listen to the audio’s here

When do we meet?

We meet on Sundays at noon Central Time USAFIND YOUR TIME HERE

25th SeptemberTape 294 Impersonalizationnoon Central Time USA
2nd of OctoberTape 357A “I”noon Central Time USA
9th of OctoberTape 357B Toward Peacenoon Central Time USA
16th of OctoberTape 362A NY Practitioner Classnoon Central Time USA
23rd of OctoberTape 362B NY Practitioner Classnoon Central Time USA
6th of NovemberTape 411A Attain that mind firstnoon Central Time USA*
13th of NovemberTape 411B Doing greater worksnoon Central Time USA*
20th of NovemberTape 467A Leading up to ‘Malpractice’noon Central Time USA*
27th of NovemberTape 467B Christ Attainednoon Central Time USA*
*Time changed – Central Time Winter time


Where do we meet?

We will meet online using Zoom to connect. The link to the online Classroom is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 . If you never used Zoom software or app, make sure to download it before the class starts, this makes it easier to connect.

The Cost

The activities of iwihub are at no charge! Consider a donation please. The suggested donation for this whole event is $80 (for 9 classes). Thank you for your support!


Tape Group part 3- my donation

Thank you for your support