"And again, not by being picked, evolving into this thing, and that’s why I’m trying to keep human will out of this building of The Infinite Way. I’m trying to keep human desire out. I’m trying not to have any pictures in my mind of what’s going to happen to The Infinite Way, or who’s going to be where or what, and let this thing evolve of its own self, and let each one fit into the pattern". 
excerpt of Joel S. Goldsmith's words in talk 216B, the class we use in the Tape Group Private 25

My inspiration

Inspiring words of Joel in this talk 216B, that we use in the Private 25 Tape Group. In setting up this website and letting the content ‘evolve’ I do this exactly in the same way. Not letting human ideas getting in the way, but letting it evolve in its own way. Sounds simple, but it is really a discipline. You could compare it to forgiveness. Forgiveness is a constant discipline. It has no exception, that is what makes it a modus vivendi (way of living). So the practice is to constantly let go, without exception. The latter part being the challenge…

The one’s that come to me to support or help out (as an example, by making transcripts or in any other way) present themselves and love what they do, without saying, what they are moved to do. You discover there is just one of us. You meet each other in the constant flow of giving. I am so grateful for that, no words…

The meditation

The Tape Group Private 25 we start with a meditation. This time we use a newly written psalm, Psalm 3, Su Light is the ‘proofreader’ of what I send to her. The music after the moments of silence are harp compositions and the sounds of a beautiful stream I recorded during a recent walk. Join us in the meditation here.


Before we listen to the tape of the day, this time 216B of Joel S. Goldsmith, I share some words to help you open your mind to receive the words of Joel as new. As fresh manna.

The Tape