"So, our discovery has been that the only love that’ll ever come into my life is the love that I let flow out from me. The only supply that I’m ever going to enjoy is the supply that I let flow out from me. Heaven forbid if I should sit around praying for supply to come in, or expecting it, or even to look to anyone for gratitude, or cooperation, or appreciation. That’s all a denial of God, because my good comes from God. Not tomorrow"...
Excerpt tape 223A Joel S. Goldsmith.

Psalm meditation

To still our minds and become receptive for what is shared, to turn within we use this meditation today:


In the next video you find yourself in an introduction as preparation of today’s tape: Let it flow out. Tape 223 A. After this moment we listen in the Tape Group together to tape 223 A of Joel S. Goldsmith