This Sunday we start with the Private 25 Tape group. You are invited. The first tape we will use is the tape “Christ Realized”.

What is a Tape group?

Joel Goldsmith shared his recordings (real tapes) with groups of students of the Infinite Way. People could get introduced to the Infinite Way and join in study. This joining in study is very powerful for your transformation and awakening to Christ Realization. That why we will use the idea of a modern day tape group in a new formula.

The new formula

The new Tape group format is this:

  • the tape group online class starts with 25-30 minutes of meditation
  • Followed by a 25-30 minutes of teaching related to the tape
  • Listening together to 25- 30 minutes of the actual tape
  • Having a possibility of sharing or asking questions related to the tape

The first introductory session

This Sunday we use tape 153B Christ Realized of Joel S. Goldsmith. this is the audio:

You want more information or join?