Yesterday we started the Tape Group “Private 25” in which we use the talks of Joel S. Goldsmith.

The prayer

Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things. I take no thought for the form in which that Grace should appear; I take no thought as to how Thy will should work in me, or Thy ways. I seek only Thy grace.

A Parenthesis in Eternity, Joel S. Goldsmith, Acropolis Books

The contemplation

I am content to relax in the assurance that Thou art omniscience, all-knowing intelligence, divine, infinite, all love, and I can trust myself more to the infinite Intelligence that governs this universe than I can to my own judgement as to what I need, or what I would like to do, or how I would like to live. Certainly, I can trust myself more to the care of divine Love than I can to my finite sense of love which is not even as a grain of sand in comparison with the nature of that Love which is God. [A parenthesis in Eternity,Joel S. Goldsmith, Acropolis Books]

The video