One Mind

Collected Essays

Salesmanship is our next chapter in the series ‘Collected Essays” from Joel S. Goldsmith. One of the most profound subjects Joel shares is “One Mind’ and another “Consciousness”. Yes indeed some fundamental ideas are shared. In the video below you see the first part of the online class that took place yesterday. But first an excerpt of the pamphlet:

The beginning of our understanding, or the starting point, is this: There is but one Mind, and this is the Mind of individual man. Therefore the Mind of the buyer is the mind of the storekeeper, the mind of the designer, the manufacturer, the wholesaler, retailer and ultimate consumer is one and the same Mind, the ONLY Mind, individually expressed.
'Salesmanship' - Pamphlet, Collected Essays, Joel S. Goldsmith, Acropolis Books, 1986.

Content of the class

  • Content of online class:
  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 5:35 Salesmanship
  • 8:15 One Mind, what is that?
  • 16:42 How to read “Salesmanship”?
  • 26:02 Student of truth
  • 35:22 Your Help
  • 40:20 Consciousness – revelation

The video