Now human belief, false teaching has brought us to a point of working for a living, whereas our living is forever pouring itself through to us. And there’s one wonderful way to get it and that’s stop working for it, and let it catch up with us. You don’t really work for a living. You don’t really labor for it, though it would seem so at the moment. But every day your living is provided for you. You just wake up and accept it. It’s in your mail, or it’s in your paycheck, or it’s in the investments, but you have no labor to do. Your work is to do that which is given you to do and do it for the sake of doing it and doing it well, not for the sake of the living. The living has nothing to do with your work. Sometimes you’ll find that you derive less income from your work than from the many other channels of income supply that open up.

The only illustration of this that is true is that of the child. The child does not work for a living, but it gets a very good one. All of its meals, all of its clothing, all of its housing, all of its education, all of its vacations, and it doesn’t turn a finger for it, doesn’t even think about earning a living. It just accepts it from mother and father as its natural right. Ah yes but, we also have a natural mother and father, and that is God. It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Course, in the days when the Master spoke that, women weren’t suppose to have quite the privileges of men, so we spoke only of Father God and not of Mother God. Mother was busy out in the kitchen and doing the housework where she belonged, in their belief, and so she didn’t come in for the honors of being a part of God. But the truth is that your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of these things but so does your heavenly Mother. And your heavenly Father and your heavenly Mother is One, and that One is God, and that One is closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. The kingdom of God is within me.

The moment we disassociate ourselves from the idea of making a living, or earning a living, or working for a living, and agree that our work is in the nature of that which is given us to do today, two things happen. If our work is not of a nature that we at the moment like or enjoy to the fullest, just accepting it, doing it, and giving it the best we have at each moment will gradually lift us out of it into what to us represents higher forms of work or more noble forms of work. At the same time, it takes us away from the idea of earning a living, and we really find that a living is ours by Grace.

Now, if God did not provide for His offspring, it would be a strange God. But God does provide for Its offspring. It is we who have separated ourselves from that provision. Now of course, the whole world has done that, but the metaphysical world has done it in greater degree and caused a wider separation from their supply than even the rest of the world, at least a good part of the metaphysical world has. And that is because of the word “demonstrate” and “demonstration.” And so we seek metaphysically to get help, to get abundance, to get home, to get companionship, or to demonstrate these things, when actually they are ours by Grace. There’s no need for us to make an effort to get them. God is making the real effort to get us to accept them.

At first, it is a greater struggle to accept our good than it is to labor for it. We are so used to the idea of laboring and being worthy of it. Now the time comes to develop the ability to relax and let our living catch up with us—let our living come to us by Grace. Oh the question comes immediately why there’s no possibility of that. All I can get is what I earn, or what my husband earns, or what my parents left me. But that’s not true in the Spiritual kingdom. That’s not true at all. And I when I say the Spiritual kingdom I mean this kingdom right here and now after we have given up our mental concepts. Earning a living, being worthy of it, laboring for it that is a human concept of supply. The spiritual idea of supply is Omnipresence.

That’s the same with health. The human idea of health is that it is something to be achieved, something to be accomplished, something to be demonstrated, something to be gotten. That isn’t true. Spiritually, the secret of health is Omnipresence. Why is this true? Because of the Omnipresence of God and God is all-inclusive Being. God is the only health there is. And God is the only supply there is.

And right here we come to a point that, for the past year, has been accentuated in the message of The Infinite Way that strictly speaking, from the spiritual standpoint, demonstrating supply and demonstrating health are absolute impossibilities. Demonstrating home, demonstrating companionship are absolute impossibilities. There is only one demonstration that anyone can make, and that is the demonstration of God’s Presence—the realization of Omnipresence. That’s the only one. Because God being all-inclusive, God includes health, supply, home, companionship, opportunity, transportation, talent, ability, genius. God includes those. So in demonstrating the Omnipresence of God, automatically we find all things included. Scripture language says that all things are added unto us. Actually, in the infinity of God, all things are included.

Now, to think of supply, companionship, home, success as something separate and apart from God and then try to demonstrate them, there comes the impossibility. But to understand that God is the fullness of Being, I am come that ye might be fulfilled. I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly. That abundantly means all the added things. Then the only demonstration we have to make is the demonstration of I. Once we have the I, all things are added unto us. The abundantly is made manifest.

Now watch this for a specific practice, just as last night we called attention to the fact of specifically realizing those passages in The Infinite Way—97 to a 103—which are a continuous reminder of God’s Presence, Power, Availability, and so forth. Now, as a specific practice, give up all desire for whatever it is that you desire. But you have to make a specific practice of it. You have to specifically declare and realize and actually mean it within yourself. After all, what would I do with health if I got it, if I didn’t have God? What would I do with supply if I had it, if I didn’t have God? What good would companionship be or home be, if I didn’t have God? You may think that is not so, but I could refer you to some millionaires who have everything in the world but not God and who are very busy seeking that one thing and neglecting all the things they already have. I could call your attention to many people who are physically and mentally in perfect health and who are in utter agony otherwise.

There is no peace. There is no satisfaction. There is no safety. There is no security, except in God and through God. There isn’t a happy person on the face of the Earth, except those who have found a measure of God. Oh yes, there is a temporary satisfaction to youngsters in physical health, in outer companionships and joys, and the handling money. That’s a temporary thing and even to them, I’m sure, that there come moments of void, moments of blankness when they wonder what it’s all about. But aside from the very young who are still delighting in the joys of the outer world, it is very safe to say that there’s not a man or woman on Earth who has ever found happiness, ever achieved peace—peace of mind or peace of soul—except in the degree that they have found God.