Now, many have found wealth without God, but many also have found that it wasn’t a permanent dispensation in their experience.  Many have lost their wealth for one reason or another and in one way or another.  Many people have found health and then found that one thing or another comes along, eventually to deprive them of it.  But finding God, there is no way to lose health, or lose wealth, or home, or companionship.  There’s no way to do that then, because God is the health, and the wealth, and companionship.  It isn’t that God sends it or gives it.  God is It.  God appears as one’s health, one’s harmony, ones’ home, one’s joy, one’s peace of mind.

I think that the greatest lesson The Infinite Way has to offer anyone is this oft-repeated truth that we need seek and find only God and leave everything else alone.  The Master gave it in his passage, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” and the rest of these things will be added unto us.  Now to give up one’s desire for health, wealth, companionship, freedom, joy, peace of mind is the first step.  Clean out the old house.  Cleanse the temple of all of its desires, until there isn’t one single one left, until there isn’t a desire for any thing or anybody on the outer plane, until the heart says, “My soul thirsteth, my heart panteth after thee.”

Oh, do you remember it?  Only God, only God, only God.  And those are the words of the God-hungry man.  Only God, only God, give me God.  The whole world is well worth losing.  Only God.  And then you understand the meaning of the Master when he said, “I have overcome the world.”  He didn’t say, “I have demonstrated the world.”  He didn’t say, “I have won the world or gotten the world.”  He said, “I have overcome the world.”  He overcame all desires.  He overcame all needs.  Why?  He had found his God and finding his God, he found all things necessary to his fulfillment.

Now, of course, the things that filled him full may not completely meet our need.  In other words, he found himself filled with companionship, even though he didn’t have his mother, and his father, and sister, and brothers.  He was well satisfied to be without them and to be without friends, because he was completely filled with his God.  With us that may not at once be the case.  Our fulfillment may take the form of friends, relatives, family, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife.  God may fulfill Itself in our experience as companionship on this level, fellow students, and so forth.

I’m sure the day would come though, in this experience or another, when we also would have the feeling “no, none of these mean anything to me except you, my disciples.  Only you who are spiritually one with me constitute my fulfillment.”  I couldn’t be happy, the Master couldn’t be happy with mother, brother, or sisters.  The Master couldn’t be happy with kings, emperors, or princes.  He couldn’t even be happy with the rabbis of the church.  His only happiness was in his disciples, his students, his apostles—those who were of his household, of his own consciousness.

And so I’m sure that, in time, all of us will come to that same place when we will have very little interest in anybody in the outer world, regardless of their blood relationship, unless they are of this spiritual household, and then we’d want to spend all our time with each other.  And this will be our companionship, and this will be our fulfillment.  And we will find God in and through and with each other.  And the same way, as we find this God, we find our food and drink, bread, wine, water, meat.  And we find it in each other’s company.  And I think you’ll find that even though we enjoy the food and enjoy certain kinds of food that the real enjoyment that we’re getting from it is not from the food but from the company of those that we’re eating with, whether we are eating by the seashore a few fishes, or in the mountains a few loaves and fishes, or whether it is some feast.  The joy would be the same if it was in the companionship of those of one mind, of one consciousness, of one soul.

I’m just thinking now of Mrs. Clough and her thoughts on the Letter.  Now we had had no talk between us of such a nature.  I merely asked her to remind you about the Letters.  But may I tell you that I hear that is in its exactness and fullness my idea of those Letters.  My work began with letters twenty-odd years ago.  And the whole idea behind them is that it is a point of contact between the student or the patient and myself, and because of the degree of oneness that I experience with the Father that makes the degree of oneness with you and through you and the Father—all ONE in one place.  And that is the idea of bringing that Letter to life again—the fact that it makes for a continuity of contact.  Now you are already part of that contact through reading the books or hearing the tapes.  And yet that Letter adds one more link to the chain of conscious Oneness between us and not only between us but between us and the Father.

Now, I felt that way.  Mrs. Clough felt that way.  Yet without the spoken word, it came out in actually the same language that I would have used had I introduced the subject to you.  Now that is what I mean by the fullness and fulfillment of God in our experience.  It isn’t necessary that we be blood relatives.  It isn’t necessary that we be social friends.  We are closer than blood relatives and closer than social friends, because we are in and of the one Consciousness, and that Consciousness must be God, if It voices Itself in just the same manner for a universal good.

Now, this can only come about when we have no desire that concerns Letters.  When our desire isn’t to give, or send, or sell letters.  When the desire is God contact with God and each other.  Then do you see how it fulfills itself in a practical way on the outer plane?  So it is in every expression.  Have no desire for home.  Have no desire for companions.  Have no desire for money or supply in any form, for keep thoughts stayed on God.  Learn to meditate.  Be quiet.  Be still, and let God catch up.  Let God touch us with Its finger.  Let God reveal Itself to us, and God revealing Itself, manifesting Itself will appear in our outer form as the things necessary to our daily living.

And so you see we start today on two, no before we’re through, it’ll be three.  We’re going to start with three major points of demonstration.  Yes, it is true; to give this properly, I should only give one point.  And I should leave it with you for three months, and then come back and take the second point, and then come back in three months and take the third point, but the world won’t let me.  So I have to give you three points at once and hope that you will put two of them aside.  Don’t try to demonstrate all three.  Take one at a time and fulfill yourself with one before you take up the other.