Next week Monday, the 10th of January at 1pm Central Time USA, we will start the Spiritual Healing I classes and the classes will be an opportunity for an amazing expansion of awareness. This Monday the first class.

Class 1: The Realm Of Pure Being

We use ‘The Art of Spiritual Healing’ from Joel S. Goldsmith in this class. This masterpiece is a beautiful healers ‘tool’ in many aspects. I quote-on-quote ‘tool’, since you are the instrument yourself. This class series you can see as a calibration of you as an instrument.


Do you experience an urgency to focus on healing, light work and transformation of mind? Come and join us in class. In this new year the urgency increases, there is a lot to do and we have been long delayed. This is the time to step in ‘leaving your nets’ and follow. How delightful to see the increase of the frequency of the light from death to everlasting life.

To quote Joel in his ‘the Art of Spiritual Healing’.

  • God is the animating principle of every individual;
  • God is the mind of every person here, the intelligence expressing as person.
  • God is the only love, and
  • God being infinite,
  • God is all love; therefore,
  • God is the love of individual being, and being filled with the love which is God, no individual can be used as an instrument for hate, envy, jealousy, or malice.
  • This will lift you into the Realm of Pure Being

You can still sign up for the class HERE