Spiritual Healing I

(N.B. First announced times and day changed to Mondays at 1 pm Central Time USA) You are called to this path and have answered. In this closed class you discover on a deep level the incredible healing power of forgiveness. You become willing to step into your personal transformation by showing your vulnerability in this safe space that is created during this class. You will learn to be present without defending yourself. The class is in a closed setting to guarantee this safety. Wim teaches from his own experience of healing and will use different resources** to illustrate the practice of spiritual healing. Part of the class is a healing circle and practicing spiritual healing. This class also comes with 2x 1hr. one-on-one sessions with Wim.


The classes will take place on Mondays, starting the 10th of January 2022 at 1pm Central Time USA. FIND YOUR TIME HERE

January 10th 2022Art of Spiritual Healing 11pm CST
Jan. 17Miracle Healing 11pm CST
Jan. 24Way of Transformation 11pm CST
Jan. 31Art of Spiritual Healing 21pm CST
Feb. 7Miracle Healing 21pm CST
Feb. 14Way of Transformation 21pm CST
Feb. 21Art of Spiritual Healing 31pm CST
Feb.28Miracle Healing 31pm CST


Way of transformation

EAN 9781941489499 available at your online bookstore

The Art of Spiritual Healing

Joel S. Goldsmith, Available at Acropolis books, click here

A Course in Miracles

Available at your local online bookstore, N.B. any version will suffice.

WHERE will the class take place?

We will meet online using Zoom to connect. The link to the Classroom is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 .


The activities of iwihub are at no charge! Consider a donation please. The suggested donation for this class is $150 (books not included)

Spiritual Healing I – Closed Class

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