Welcome to week 2 of the 40 Day’s to Christ’s Second Coming. Since I promised to keep you updated, here are this weeks activities. Of course there are video’s available on YOUTUBE and almost daily posts on this iwihub.com website. All with the purpose of Remembering the Present Moment.


Today this idea came to me: Life is not existence. Life is what you Are!! Up to now your idea might have been that existence is life. But look at this. What are you seeing as existence? What you perceive with your eyes? In the spiritual books you read and the new experiences you have, you already discovered that Reality is beyond appearances. Coming to life is what we celebrate in these activities. Feel free to join!


Day 33: Sunday 21st of NovemberMiracle Prayer Meditation + Vesper1pm CST –YOUR TIME HERE
Day 32: Monday 22nd NovMiracle Sessions11am CST – YOUR TIME HERE
Day 31: Tuesday 23rd NovYou receive email
Day 30: Wednesday 24th NovBody Matters Meditationnoon CST – YOUR TIME HERE
 Day 29: Thursday 25th NovVespers1pm CST – YOUR TIME HERE
Day 28: Friday 26th NovReading Sessionnoon CST – YOUR TIME HERE
Day 27: Saturday 27th NovYou receive email
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We use ZOOM as an online platform for these activities. Easy to use with your mobile device or computer. The L I N K we use is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815

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