Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467A

Tape 467A Leading Up To “Malpractice” and “Anti-Christ”

Thirteen weeks later, the doctors said that the tests were negative, no more germs, no more TB germs. Of course, you can imagine the girl’s body by that time. She’d been there three years and was down to death’s door. She had almost no body left; but thirteen months later, she walked out of there completely healed, walked into a job, walked into a home, walked into a whole new outfit of clothing, and a year later walked into marriage. And that was back in 1932 that she came out of there, and she’s still an Infinite Way student; and she’s still married to that same man and hasn’t known a day’s sickness from the time that she came, has never had to ask for help. But, the beautiful thing is that in all the years that have gone by, I have only lost one case of tuberculosis. Every case that’s ever been brought to me has been met, and many, many, many have come to me.

Now, I’m not giving you this for testimony. I’m telling you this to show you that it took thirteen months of my working with that case to arrive at that consciousness. I have a case of letters written to that girl as big as this table. Every day she got a letter for thirteen months and anywhere from two-to-twenty pages. In other words, every letter was a treatment. For her? She didn’t even understand the English language. For me? I was putting my treatment on those papers. I was treating myself. I was educating myself. I was training myself until I arrived at the consciousness of nothingness. See that? Now, had I not gone through those thirteen months with that case, I wouldn’t have been able to take care of the tuberculosis cases I have since this way, because every time one comes now all I can do is laugh at it. I go back to those thirteen months in my mind and I say, “Uh-uh, it can’t happen again. It was nothing then, and it’s nothing now.” But those are not words. That’s consciousness from actually having worked with it.

So it is that in my years of practice, I worked that way with every claim that came to me. I just worked with it until it was met. But, it couldn’t be met until I arrived at the state of consciousness that would meet it, because it isn’t the words in a book. Everybody has the same words and the same book. It is arriving at that state of consciousness. And so it is, our “25” groups should continue to work with our “25” group tapes and be sure that they are handling these specific things the way it is given in there, because there is nothing incorrect in those tapes. But remember that the reason you’re doing it is to arrive at the state of consciousness when you look out into this world and see only two things—divine Consciousness being more and more manifest or the carnal mind, which is nothingness. All right.

That is why, at some particular stage of your unfoldment, you’re going to find that living The Infinite Way is a simple life, a very simple one; because all you’re meeting with is divine Consciousness expressing Itself or the carnal mind, which you can dismiss, because of its impersonal nature and its nothingness. Well, as you attain this Consciousness and you hear all of this horrible war news, just imagine what takes place in you when you actually have the feeling that they have only temporal power, when you actually have that feeling they have only temporal power, and what can temporal power do? Now, don’t forget in the third-dimensional mind, temporal power is awful. Atomic bombs are terrible. Epidemics are frightening. Tidal waves are terrific. So, let us not believe for a moment that if we’re in the third-dimensional mind and we just say that it’s no power that anything’s going to happen. Ah no. You do not bring forth harmony out of discord until you have attained some measure of the fourth-dimensional Consciousness, until you actually have that inner feeling and awareness that all is God and besides God there are no other powers, whether powers of sin, powers of disease, powers of the weather, or anything else.

Every bit of our study and practice is aimed at attaining the fourth-dimensional Consciousness. Now, it is only the fourth-dimensional Consciousness of the Christ that can say to the crippled man, “What did hinder you?” It is only the fourth-dimensional Consciousness of the Christ that can say to the storm, “Be still.” Don’t think you are going to teach some young student to say it, and then they’re going to go out and demonstrate it. Don’t think you are going to demonstrate it, except in proportion as you have worked with these principles so much.

Now, this is why I have so often referred to this list of our writings:  “The New Horizon,” in “The Infinite Way;” “God is One,” in “Living the Infinite Way;” “Protection,” in “The 1955 Letters;” “Break the Fetters That Bind Us,” in “The 1958 Letters;” “Contemplation Develops the Beholder,” in “The 1961 August Letter;” and then on the subject of human relationships, “The Introduction” to “Practicing the Presence” and “Love Thy Neighbor;” and the chapter, “Relationship of Oneness,” in “The Art of Spiritual Healing.” Why do I keep referring to those over and over again? Because, if you work with those specific writings, apply them to the problems of life that come to you in your own experience, or your family, or your patients, if you work with them over and over, they will develop the fourth-dimensional Consciousness.

In other words, we are having a tremendous experience in The Infinite Way, and if you’re observant, you’ll see it with married couples. We’re having more and more married couples come into our work than I have ever known before, and we are having more and more harmonious relationships in families and between married couples. And, this is no accident. This comes because of this realization of I, of oneness. Not oneness, meaning you and I are one, or my wife and I is one. No. Understanding that I, God, is me; and I, God, is my wife; or I, God, is my student. In other words, I is one; and that one, God, is the One, which we are. And, in the realization of God as the One, we have it.

In the ordinary life, we’re told over and over again that a couple marry and two become one. Well, in the human picture that’s never true, because each maintains their own individuality; and that’s two-ness. And, it’s that very thing that very often causes discords in homes, because each one does maintain their individuality. On the other hand, if they don’t, that’s even worse; and it’s going to cause more trouble, because the minute one or the other yields and gives up their individuality and lets the other one be the dominant force there’s no possibility of happiness anymore, because one has become a non-entity. There can’t be any happiness that way. So, it is only when you see oneness through the fourth-dimensional Consciousness and see that I, God, am that one that I am and the one that thou art; and then we can allow each one to have their own individuality without it annoying us, without feeling that we want them to yield to us, or that we’re going to yield any part of our individuality to another.