Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467A

Tape 467A Leading Up To “Malpractice” and “Anti-Christ”

So it is that through these years a great deal of the work with students has been unhappiness in the homes, and these changes have been brought about not by trying to make two human beings one, not trying to make them agree with each other but by holding inwardly to the truth that God constitutes individual identity—and let each one be individual. And then, recognizing that God is the consciousness of every individual, and the human sense of life is the carnal mind or no power. And, the moment you nullify the carnal mind, you break up the unhappinesses in the homes, because it isn’t people who are causing unhappiness. It’s the carnal mind, the universal belief in two powers. And, the moment we impersonalize in that way, we’ve won it. And, so it’s going to be in our international relationships. The minute we see it isn’t Russia that’s causing the trouble, and it isn’t Communism that’s causing the trouble. It’s the carnal mind in its infinite form and variety and then recognizing, “Ah yes, but the carnal mind is temporal power, the arm of flesh, or nothingness.” And, as it is nullified within us, it is nullified in the consciousness of those out here.

You see then that at this stage of our work in the “25” groups that we have arrived or should have arrived at the consciousness where, with every murmur of discord in the national or international scene, or the weather, or some facet of the weather or climate, or disease, that we have arrived at that fourth-dimensional Consciousness, which is enabled quickly to respond with, “Ah, yes, the universal belief in two powers, temporal power, no power,” and go on about our business. Then, when we meet for these monthly periods, we can then take up any problem that we have been meeting or that we may have to meet in the month to come, and we can speak of it from this particular angle, until we have brought ourselves to that fourth-dimensional Consciousness that can say, “Ah, yes, when we came in here it was a problem, but as we go out it is only the arm of flesh or nothingness.”

We should be able in addition to two, or three, or four meditation periods in the hour, not more than five minutes each, we should be able in between to take up any subject that anyone wants to bring up—an epidemic of divorces, or an epidemic of disease, or an epidemic of unemployment, or whatever it may be that someone wants to bring up to have thrashed out until you have arrived at the final answer, “Well, after all, it’s that carnal mind again. It’s not personal.” See that? From now on, we should be able to do this better than we ever did before, because with the experience that we have in the former tapes in how to handle each specific thing, we can allow anyone to bring up any subject and say, “Alright, let’s handle it;” and be sure that before we’re through that we have completely impersonalized it and nothing-ized it. If there is a shred of personalization left in it, you haven’t arrived at the fourth-dimensional Consciousness. Then, after the meeting and for the balance of the month, it should become increasingly simple to impersonalize.

Now, let me bring up one final thing, and remember this is something that can only be brought up after years and years of study and after a great deal of practice. You know that actually there are only two claims that ever come up to be handled, that everything in this world can be handled very simply. No matter what it is it’s either a form of malpractice, or it’s the anti-Christ, and it doesn’t make any difference what it is. A person being sick, this is anti-Christ, because it’s aimed against their life. See that? And life being Christ or eternal, it’s just a claim against the eternality of man and very often to handle it just as anti-Christ will remove it. Or malpractice. What is disease but malpractice? It’s a universal malpractice. It is not personal the way it’s often handled in Christian Science. That’s utter nonsense. Even if there is somebody sitting down definitely willing you to die, do not make—and somebody may sometime—but don’t sit down and make the mistake of working against them, because you will die, because you’ve personalized it.

All malpractice is a universal malpractice. Even if an individual picks it up and sits down and starts to malpractice, it’s still universal. And the moment you try to handle it as if it were a person, you’re going to get whacked, because you’ve taken up the sword against them. You’ll die by the sword you’ve taken up. You must never, never treat person, because you are then the “malpractitioner.” You are saying, “Somebody is sick. Somebody is bad. Somebody’s poor;” and you’re now the malpractitioner. You’re the liar. The Master said, “There’s only one evil, a liar and the father of lies.” And so, the moment that we speak negatively of someone, we’re lying or malpracticing. So it is that even if we see a thief, let’s not call him a thief, because we’ll be malpracticing him. On the other hand, let us realize he wouldn’t be stealing if he weren’t being malpracticed by the universal belief of lack or limitation, or the universal belief of inertia, laziness, doesn’t want to work; and this is the easier way.

Now, take all of the troubles that beset so many today this alcoholism and drug addiction. Do you think, for a moment, that that’s anything more or less than malpractice? Oh, recently I saw this that everyone, everyone is complaining and alarmed about alcoholism, but everyone is making it fashionable and stylish to drink. See that? It’s so fashionable and so stylish to have that cocktail before the meal that it isn’t recognized that this is the malpractice that leads to the seventh drink. You can’t have the seventh ’til you’ve had the first, and so the first drink is malpractice. Well, why not let us recognize the fact then that we are dealing with any of the evils of the world, infection, oh cancer, polio. What is that but malpractice? How many people have been forced into those diseases by the universal fears of them? “That which I feared has come upon me.” And where did the fear come from? Because it’s so widely broadcast.

And so it is, why not let us handle cancer, polio, flu? Why not let’s handle it as malpractice or anti-Christ? It is anti-Christ. It’s aimed against the Christ life of man, the Christ nature of man, the Christ eternality of man; and then when we handle it as malpractice or anti-Christ, and then realize that these are the activities of the carnal mind. That’s how the carnal mind acts through malpractice, through anti-Christ, through universal fears, and nothingize it. But, do you not see that if you haven’t been through all of these different forms of argument of handling specific errors that it’s meaningless to get up here and say, “Oh, that’s malpractice. Let’s not worry about it.” See? You can’t do it until you’ve been through all of those stages, and you finally arrive at, “Oh, well, all he said is that, but this is nothing but anti-Christ. This is aimed against man. That’s anti-Christ. Oh, well, that’s only the carnal mind, or nothingness.”

We should, by the time we’re through these “25” tapes, we should all be at a place where we can handle every claim with just realizing that it’s malpractice, or anti-Christ, or universal belief in two powers, or carnal mind, and dismissing it. See that? But don’t teach this. Teach coming up through every step that we have come up until 12 times 12 becomes 144 without a process, until the cancer, and the consumption, and the unhappy marriage, and the false appetite has to us become, “Oh, I see it, some more malpractice, some more anti-Christ.” Do you see that?

Thank you.