The Conscious Union Classes, we use the book of Joel S. Goldsmith: Conscious Union With God. Today the fourth chapter: The Nature of Error.

The ‘trouble’ with error is that it doesn’t look like error, it can look very tempting and exactly what you think you are looking for.

  • Some of the subjects that appear in class:
  • – What has a white poodle to do with error?
  • – Can you treat a person?
  • – What do you want to see?
  • – How can you recognize the Presence of God?

The most amazing part we come up to is the possibility of becoming free of error. Not by correcting yourself. There is only one moment you can be free of error.. Yes you know it. In the Present Moment you are free of error. Anything you want to add to this Perfect Moment to complete it is what error is. In our practice we keep this in mind and practice ‘dying daily’ to our humanhood. And opening ourselves up for the present moment in meditation or quiet time. Leaving everything that appeared as reality behind…

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