Today we look at the idea of Atonement without sacrifice. Atonement being the undoing, but with not losing anything, no sacrifice. Questions arise: how can this be? How is Healing and Atonement related? What has healing to do with the undoing of my beliefs? Ah now you start to relate… How can you give something up and not losing something? How can this even contribute to my well-being?

To bring it even closer to your spiritual experience of yourself. If I don’t open myself to this new idea or apply this new principle what am I missing and why would I do that to myself? Do you feel the urgency to come to a total acceptance of what is real? Did you experience enough of the limitation that you put on yourself?

One point starts to become clear: how you think about yourself is how you experience yourself. So it is with the way of thinking of you that we deal. This is the place where the healing can occur. You were not able to correct the error for yourself. That is why there is great Help. Truly a miracle.

Urtext A Course In Miracles chapter 3 section C

T 3 C. Atonement without Sacrifice (Notes 317 5:166)

T 3 C 1. There is one more point which must be perfectly clear before any residual fear which may still be associated with miracles becomes entirely groundless. The Crucifixion did NOT establish the Atonement. The Resurrection did. This is a point which many very sincere Christians have misunderstood. Nobody who was free of the scarcity‐fallacy could POSSIBLY have made this mistake.

T 3 C 2. If the Crucifixion is seen from an upside down point of view, it certainly does appear AS IF God permitted, and even encouraged, one of his Sons to suffer BECAUSE he was good. Many very devoted ministers preach this every day. This particularly unfortunate interpretation, which actually arose out of the combined misprojection of a large number of my own would‐be followers, has led many people to be bitterly afraid of God.

T 3 C 3. This particularly anti‐religious concept happens to enter into many religions, and this is neither by chance nor coincidence.

T 3 C 4. The real Christian would have to pause and ask “how could this be?” Is it likely that God Himself would be capable of the kind of thinking which His own Words have clearly stated is unworthy of man?


T 3 C 10. God Himself is not symbolic; He is FACT. The Atonement, too, is totally without symbolism. It is perfectly clear, because it exists in light. Only man’s attempts to shroud it in darkness have made it inaccessible to the unwilling, and ambiguous to the partly willing. The Atonement itself radiates nothing but truth. It therefore epitomizes harmlessness, and sheds ONLY blessing. It could not do this if it arose from anything other than perfect innocence! Innocence is wisdom, because it is unaware of evil, which does not exist. It is, however, PERFECTLY aware of EVERYTHING, that is true.

T 3 C 11. The Resurrection demonstrated that NOTHING can destroy truth. Good can withstand ANY form of evil, because light abolishes ALL forms of darkness.146 The Atonement is thus the perfect lesson. It is the final demonstration that all of the other lessons which I taught are true. T(135) -134

T 3 C 12. Man is released from ALL errors if he believes in this. The deductive approach to teaching accepts the generalization which is applicable to ALL single instances, rather than building up the generalization after analyzing numerous single instances separately. If you can accept the ONE GENERALIZATION NOW, there will be no need to learn from many smaller lessons.

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