We present this beautiful transcript on the 19 th day of 40 Days to Resurrection. It is so fundamental, when it comes to the erroneous perception of ourselves where we got used to, that you might as well read this wholeheartedly.

The favorite expression of the human condition is, “In my opinion”. You laugh, but you are basing your reality on your opinions. Listen to how it comes out, “In my opinion”. Now my reality is not going to be based on me, but on my opinion about myself? Now don’t let that escape you, because this is Lesson 139 (I Will Accept Atonement For Myself) and you don’t really understand that the human condition does this all the time. I can get you out of that. One of the first steps you take is to get out of that. But there isn’t any question that the human objective condition that says, “In my opinion” has literally subtracted itself from what it is and is using itself to verify its associated opinion about itself.

Does everybody agree with that? This is called the scientific approach. Do you see? It’s an association of objective formulation of mind. No good? Very obviously if I say to you, “In my opinion”, what I am saying is I am having an opinion about myself. Now I will base everything that I do, come on, you teach, the human mind teaches formulate associate opinions. It’s so fundamental that it keeps escaping you.

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