Fear of the Will of God is one of the strangest beliefs the human mind has ever made. 2 It could not possibly have occurred unless the mind were already profoundly split, making it possible for it to be afraid of what it really is. 3 Reality cannot “threaten” anything except illusions, since reality can only uphold truth. 4 The very fact that the Will of God, which is what you are, is perceived as fearful, demonstrates that you are afraid of what you are. 5 It is not, then, the Will of God of which you are afraid, but yours.- ACIM ch 9.1.1

Yes indeed quite the start for a day of resurrection. It is not the Will of God that you are afraid, but yours… Is this an invitation to further study? Yes, indeed. Are this going to be joyful lessons, you bet your boots!! All the lessons we learn in this transformation process are joyful one’s, lessons confirmed by grace and connectedness. If healing hasn’t occurred, the lesson isn’t learnt.

In the class presented here we dive deeper in the idea of trusting the healing that occurs. Does healing need to be repeated? And the other topic is: There is no order in difficulty in spiritual healing. What this entails you can watch below or