New -40 Days to Resurrection sign up

Starting the day of Easter, the fourth of April 2021, is a forty day commitment to the possibility of remembering Who you are on a daily basis, to support your daily practice of dedication and meditation. Listen..

A little while and you will see me, for I am not hidden because you are hiding. I will awaken you as surely as I awakened myself, for I awoke for you. In my resurrection is your release. Our mission is to escape from crucifixion, not from redemption. Trust in my help, for I did not walk alone, and I will walk with you as our Father walked with me. Do you not know that I walked with Him in peace? And does not that mean that peace goes with us on the journey?

A Course In Miracles ch 12-II The Way to remember God


When you sign up you will receive invitations and emails with references to activities by Iwihub. You can take part in the activities, you can access audio’s related to resurrection and expressions of resurrected man. We will start reading the Urtext of A Course in Miracles, online. We will have Miracle Healing classes, online or available as podcast. We will read bible. Whether you can be physically present or not, you will have access to audio and video as well as books like the Miracle Healers Handbook and The Urtext of A Course In Miracles. If you want support on a one on one basis, a private session is an option too.


When you sign up you receive a weekly overview with times and activities. But everyday there will be a Reminder- email. Titles will look like: Resurrection Day 40..Resurrection Day 39 etc.


If the above resonates with you, it certainly is something for you. I would love you to join. All are welcome. Come as you are!


The activities, like classes are free of charge. For the specific classes like the Practitioner I and II training, the Miracle Healing Intensive, The Return of the Heretic class, private sessions etc is a suggested donation (see specific services and activities) there is no obligation.

For this 40 day commitment, please feel no obligation. Your support is welcome.

My support to “40 days to resurrection”

Thank you for your support.



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