Noumenon, the Album, listen here:
Music by Wim

In philosophy, a noumenon (/ˈnuːmənɒn/, UK also /ˈnaʊ-/; from Greek: νoούμενον; pluralnoumena) is a posited object or event that exists independently of human sense and/or perception.[1] The term noumenon is generally used in contrast with, or in relation to, the term phenomenon, which refers to any object of the senses. (Source: wikipedia)

Never heard of the word noumenon, ’till I opened the URTEXT of A Course In Miracles. On the first page you will read the word noumenon in the version I started reading(see below).

“The thing in itself” is used in the fifth miracle principle: This is why ‘the thing in itself’ does not matter. The only thing that matters is the Source, and this is far beyond human evaluation.

The “thing in itself” is a term used in Philosophy to refer to a noumenon which is distinct from a phenomenon. A phenomenon is that which is perceived; a noumenon is the actual object that emits the phenomenon. (Urtext- miracles in action, 2008)

Enjoy the album! Love Wim


  1. I have thought of phenomenon as senses in general. But in the scripture, the teachings was that we have two groups of senses, physical senses represented by the 5 foolish virgins and the other – spiritual senses represented by the 5 wise virgins. So from here I deduce that the two groups of senses are perceptions in the consciousness. One is wise consciousness which is Christ consciousness, and the other is physical or human consciousness,. This last one – human consciousness can only perceive miracles, but the Christ consciousness can go far beyond miracles, for It perceives SIGNS. There is a difference between miracles and signs.


    1. Dear Victoria,
      You distinguish between two consciousnesses, let me tell you this: only one is real! On a moment by moment basis you decide which one you want to see. Choose one the outcome is fear, lack, limitation, choose the other, the confirmation of your Totality is revealed.
      Thank you


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