Receptive to God + my question to you

How can I become more receptive to God, to the Christ, to the spiritual influence?

And the answer to that, is by increasing your givingness. Receptivity is attained only through giving. What you have to give, is an individual matter with you. The Master has told us some of the things we must give. We must give forgiveness, seventy time seven. That means forever, and forever, and forever, and for everyone, and for everyone, and for everyone. We must learn to give forgiveness over and over and over again, to our friends and to our enemies. Another thing he tells us we must give; we must pray. But it profiteth us nothing to pray for our friends, we must pray for our enemies. This
is another form of giving, praying for our enemies; praying that they be released from penalty; praying that their consciousness be opened to the light; praying that their sins be forgiven them, even as we would have our sins forgiven us.

Joel S Goldsmith in
Opening the door to me tape 345

My QUESTION to you:
How do you become more receptive to God, what is a real help?

Thank you