To come to God, to receive God’s grace, it is necessary to come pure of heart, and that means loving. There is no access to God except through love, and love is not a sensual emotion. It is a state of spiritual integrity, the state of integrity that would enable us to say…well, to ourselves, as we close our eyes in prayer: Well, here Father, here I am. I bear in my heart no animosity to any man. If I had my will, my prayer would be, “Forgive my enemies-my enemies, my nation’s enemies, my church’s enemies, my race’s enemies-all those who are enemies of God or man.” I would say with an open heart, Father forgive them; they know not what they do. Furthermore, I would say, Let Thy light and Thy grace shine on all mankind. I hold no limitations in my heart. I have no boundaries, no place where I would exclude God. But here in my prayer I open the entire universe to God’s grace that all may equally be blessed. Likewise, Thy grace, I understand, is something to be shared. That is why there are twelve basketsful left over. Thy grace is to be shared. Honestly, openly, this is the intent of my heart, that from the grace that flows to me, some will be shared with those who have less.

Tape 459A: 1962 Los Angeles Center Non Meditations Business & Professional Men’s & Women’s Series, Meditation & Sowing to the Spirit, Spiritual Refreshment. Joel S. Goldsmith.