Now, feel that I up here. That I, which is not physicality. And the moment you do, remember, remember this; your whole life is embodied in that I. Your supply, for the rest of your days on Earth or in Heaven, is embodied in that I. Your companionships, your friendships, your homes, are all embodied in that I. All that the Father hath is embodied in this I. All that the Father hath is mine; not in my flesh, in the I that I am. And my good then flows out from the I that I am. I lose my fear. Because now I have no fear of any sense of loss outside. There isn’t anything outside that could be lost that I could not rebuild with the same consciousness from within. 

Now, this I that I am is not a weak person, or a negative person. This I that I am is one with God. Joint heir to all the heavenly riches. This I that I am has access to the infinite being we call God, because it is itself the outlet for that infinite being called God. It is very much like two ends of a cornucopia; the great big end into which it flows, and the little end out of which it flows. But yet, it is only one thing, one instrument. And so with us, I invisibly within, and the great big I that sends forth into expression all that appears as this individual being. 

Now, right identity, right identification is the most important step in ones spiritual development. As long as you believe yourself to be man, you will be on the receiving end of both good and evil, a little and a lot, life and death. And the very moment you realize; “I am not man. I am Soul, I am Spirit, I am consciousness. I am I.” Then, in that moment, you have your God-given dominion over the flesh, over everything on Earth and beneath the Earth, and in the airs above; in the air above and in the skies above. Everything is subject to this I. And you do not show forth that dominion by walking around like a swashbuckler, saying; “I love you, and I hate you. I forgive you, and I…” It is not that kind of a dominion. It is a dominion that appears only through silence, when you relinquish your personal desires, or personal will. Remember, wasn’t it last night that we said that you can’t love, and you can’t forgive? It is impossible. All you can do is be silent and let God love. Let God love your enemy. Let God love those who hate you. Let God love everybody, while you just stand very still, being a willing beholder of God about God’s business. You have dominion through silence, not through thought and not through speech. “Who, by taking thought, can add to his stature one cubit? And if you can not, by taking thought, do the least of these things, why take thought for the greater?” 

Now, you can not, by taking thought, make a white hair black. You can not, by taking thought, add one cubit to your stature. You can not, by taking thought, do anything. But, by being still and letting God’s thought appear through you, that is the Word of God, which opens up the Red Sea, which creates universes. 

The Word of God coming through your consciousness will heal the sick, raise the dead, supply the needy. It will do all things through you. That is why it is an utter impossibility, in this work, ever to take pride or boast about a demonstration of any kind, because at best, you were a beholder of God performing it through you. And you couldn’t even be that, until you come to the point of recognition that this isn’t you, this is yours. This isn’t me, this is mine. I am I, right here. I am the soul of my being. I am the spirit of my being. I am the law and activity of my being, but I am all that through silence, not through directed thought, not through conscious thought. That was one of the discoveries that I made in the very first year of my practice, when people, my friends, told me how wrong I was not to be using mental argument in treatment. And I thought, well what do you do with mental argument? And then they try to tell me that you use the name of the person you’re treating so that they get the benefit of your treatment. And I thought, well, isn’t that like thought transference or hypnotism? If you’re going to direct your thought over there to somebody, aren’t you throwing your thought into them, and then they accept it? Well, what has God to do with that kind of a healing? Where does God fit into that picture, if I can just transfer a lot of good thoughts to you, and you can pick them up in the air and repeat them? Where does God come into that? That’s nothing but mental telepathy between two people, and at best it would be a good thought supplanting a bad thought. What has God got to do with that?