Now then, you can see who are using their bodies as instruments of their soul, and who are using their bodies as instruments of their appetites. That isn’t difficult. But, to attain what is called “dominion” over our affairs, means to separate oneself from their sense of body, and begin to feel that “I that I am” within, and to see why that is Spirit. I am Spirit. You can’t even starve me to death. You can’t even shoot me to death. I am Spirit. Nothing can penetrate the I that I am, because it is pure spirit. It is only in the degree that you think you are physicality, that what touches your body touches you. The person who lives in body and as body, is affected by everything that effects the body. Every little touch of a stone, every little bruise, every little thing that shows forth on the body is only because we have identified ourselves as body, and live in body, and then whatever the body feels, we immediately react to. Instead of living up here in the recognition; why, I am Spirit. I am Soul. And this body; this is my servant. This is my instrument. This is that which has been given to me as my vehicle for this plane of existence. Just as we were once given horses and buggies, and then later given automobiles, and now given airplanes, so it is with this body. On every level of consciousness, we have an external body. And this is our body. It is our temple. It is that in which we move around, or though which we identify ourselves. But never forget this; it isn’t me. You have never seen me. And I have never seen you. Except in moments of high spiritual realization; then I see you. And if you do very much treating work, healing work, you also will begin to perceive me, or your neighbor, or your family. You will then begin to perceive them, and understand them in their real being. 

Now, it is for this reason that when I say; “This isn’t me. I am me up here. Spirit. Soul.” When I realize that, I am in communion with you, because that I is also you. Then we are one in Christ Jesus. Then, in that illumined state, Paul says; “There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor free; we are all one.” There is only one I. Only one I. Infinitely and individually expressed as our individual being, but it is always I. 

Now, when you perceive this, you will perceive the greatest secret ever given to the spiritual world, and that is that you are “master of your fate, captain of your soul. You. You have dominion, God given dominion over everything on earth, everything beneath the sea, everything in the air, and everything in the skies above. You were given God-given dominion. And nothing can ever take that dominion from you. But you can relinquish it. You can relinquish it the moment you forget your true identity as the very Christ, or Son of God, the very manifestation, or expression of God. 

The moment you forget that you are soul, you will be looking for good to come to you. And the moment you know that you are soul, you will understand that you are the very storehouse of good, which flows out so that you can feed the multitudes and heal the multitudes. There’s the secret of the Master. He could feed the multitudes. He could heal the multitudes, but he had no storehouses or barns. No prescriptions, no remedies. And yet he could heal, and he could feed. Out of what? Out of this consciousness, which I am. Turning to the Father within, this I that I am, this God individualization, which I am, can feed the multitudes, and heal the multitudes, of those receptive, responsive. The Master says; “I come only to those of my own household.” Those of my own state of consciousness. I can not, in the Spirit, reach those who are buried in the tomb of body. I, in the Spirit, can not reach those who are buried in the tomb of wealth. The moment that body, or wealth, or anything of the external world, claims us and makes us slaves, then those can not be reached through the Spirit. It is a strange thing, but they’re of a different world. The Master explained it in part, when he gave us the illustration of the fertile soil, the barren soil, the rocky soil. This Spirit simply will not take root. Will not have an effect in those who are stoney to the Spirit, hardened to the Spirit. Whether they’re physically hardened, or financially hardened, or morally hardened, they can not be reached. But usually at some state of their ongoing, their need becomes so desperate that that stoniness temporarily drops away, and you can reach through to them. But on the hole, remember this, that I have come to those of my own household. I have come to those of my own state of consciousness; those of the Spirit. He said to his disciples; “Who do men say that I am?” And men had all kinds of fantastic ideas. “Whom do ye say that I am?” And then Peter, out of the depth of his spiritual enlightenment, says; “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” “Oh,” he says, “flesh and blood hath not told you that.” In other words, your mind didn’t reveal it, your thinking powers didn’t reveal it. But my Father, the Father in you revealed it to you. And so it is, all along the path you will find that as you realize your true identity as I, this body down here will become something to you like a bicycle that you ride, or an automobile that you ride, you’ll be in it and it will be carrying you, but you won’t be quite feeling all of the things that bodies are supposed to feel. You will not react to the body, and neither will you react to the germs that fly around, or the little inharmonious experiences that often disturb the body. The great universal beliefs may be with you for a long long while, but they too drop away and drop away and drop away. But remember this, that as long as you’re living down here in the body, you will react to all the things that the people of this world react to. 
The very moment that you begin the – it’s a wonderful job – of separating yourself from a sense of body, and begin to perceive your own identity as I; I, up here… Just think; I, I, in the midst of me. Think of all the things you can think of about I. “I in the midst of me is mighty.” “I will never leave me nor forsake me.” “I was before Abraham.” That’s a funny one. “I was before Abraham.” “Before Abraham was, I am.” “Before Abraham was, I…” Well that’s fifteen hundred years ago. Two thousand. Twenty-five hundred. Yet, I… Yes, I can feel that up here, that this I was right here when I was born. And this I has been with me all through school days, all through my business career; this I, that I’m voicing; why, the I that’s talking through my lips is the same I that’s been talking through my lips all my life. It has never left me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it never leaves me. Where will it go? It’ll have to take me with it. Yes, it will have to take me with it. Yes, there was a man. There was a man who was accumulating a lot of wealth. One of his friends said to him; “Why, why, why are you doing that? You can’t take it with you.” “Well if I can’t take it with me, I won’t go.” Alright, I can feel that up here; that wherever I am, I’ll be with it. And wherever I am, I’ll be. And I think I will take it with me. And if I don’t, I won’t go. I will still be here. I can feel an I up here that has always been as long as I have conscious awareness, and it’s the same I, it has a little different sense of values of the world. It has a different sense of values of what constitutes the world. Yes, it has a vision of things that I didn’t have twenty years ago. But it’s the same I. It’s the same fellow. I’ve known him years and years and years, and I’m that same fellow, just with a different sense of life.