Now, since this is really you in invisible form, and this is you in visible form; I and the Father are one. And so, right here where we are sitting, is God the Father and God the Son. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me. Yes, it doesn’t mean that, you see my body you see the Father that sent me. It says if you see me, if you can discern between the lines, that there is a me back here, sitting in back of the eyes, not physically, but looking out through here, that is who I am, and that is what I am, and that is where I am, and if you can see me, then you will know that this same truth is the truth about you. Way way back within your own being is you, the you that you are, the I that I am. And that invisible you is working in and through you for the harmony of your experience when you let it. When you do not get in its way by this thought taking process or this reasoning process. No, I do not mean that there haven’t been many people who have been great successes in their life with thinking and reasoning things out. They have, on the human plane, but not on the spiritual plane. Everything that is done on the spiritual plane, is done not through conscious thinking, not through thinking thinking, or thought taking thinking or reasoning thinking, it is done through a thought that comes to us from the depths of the within. God says, my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are not my thoughts. But you see, it is God’s thoughts that really form the world, not yours or mine. Yours or mine represent concepts. You may have any concept you wish of me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am at all like that. That merely represents your concept. There are people in the world who love me, and there are people in the world who hate me, and there are some in between. And yet, I am whatever I am. And so you see, these loving ones and hating ones and lukewarm ones are entertaining not an awareness of me, but a concept of me which they have formed. And which may be as far from the truth as the concept that we have of God. And surely you know how far that must be by the result of the prayers to God. 

Now, in this silence, in this form of meditation, or communion, or treatment, you have no concept of God. You’re not turning to God as a healer, you’re not turning to God as a savior, you’re not turning to God as a redeemer or reformer, or a rewarder or punisher. You’re not even turning to God as a giver of gifts. You are just turning to God, period, without any concept of what God is, or how God operates, and it is as much as if you were to say; “Here I am. My thoughts are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not my thoughts, but Father, it’s your thoughts that count, so you take over.” And then, as you develop a receptivity, the flow comes and then it guides every act of your experience. It goes before you to make the crooked places straight. It is that which gives you recognition. It is that which causes others to recognize you, to know you, to value you. It is that which causes others to rightly, or more nearly rightly, evaluate you. It is not anything that you say about yourself, or claim for yourself, nor any metaphysical truth that you declare about yourself, it is rather the ability to attain this silence, and let that void create your world. 

Now, as you let go of the reasoning, thinking faculty, the all-knowing part of yourself, this inner being, or Christ, works, heals, multiplies through the outer you. Now, let us watch for a moment. In fact, let us repeat a little lesson that we have had here during these last three months, because, at this point I would like to make something clear about our true identity. Many of you, in the past, have thought that you are “man”. Man or woman. Generically speaking; man. And you aren’t. It is that very belief, that you are man, that has separated you from your good. It is that which causes every bit of discord and inharmony in our experience; that very belief that we are “man”, that we are a selfhood other than God. 

Now, let us for a moment see if we can have an experience within ourselves that will reveal to us more of our own nature. And so, I’m going to ask you to follow me, with closed eyes. Follow me now, as you have a manicure, in imagination, or trim your fingernails and let them drop to the ground. And while this is taking place, let us also have a mental haircut, and watch the hair as it drops to the ground. And then, look down at the ground, and ask yourself; “Is that me down there?” No, no. No, that’s no part of me. It was, a little while ago. Aha, was it? Was it a part of you a little while ago, and isn’t now? Well did it hurt to part with a little bit of yourself? No, it never was a part of you. Now, it may be a little gruesome, but just let’s imagine a finger or a hand being amputated. And then, let us ask ourselves the same question; is that me? No, that’s not me. They burned it up and it didn’t hurt. That never was a part of me. That was a part of my body, but not of me. I am still intact. Now, think. Just think on this; hair, nails, hands, feet. This is not me. All of this is a part of my body. But I’m not there. That isn’t me at all. Who is me? Who am I? Who am I now that has not been affected by the loss of hair, or nails, or fingers or feet? Who is this I, that is still intact? Who am I? And then, as you follow this through in thought, you can almost feel that you are not a physical being. That’s the point we lead to; you are not a physical being. You can carry this through, if you haven’t yet. Come to feel how you are living right down the center of your being, how this you is really coming out of my mouth. I am almost coming out of my mouth. I am not down here at all. I’m just up here. And I am I. I can’t even feel my voice going through the vocal chords. I’m not aware of myself as having physical sensation. My body, yes. But not I. I. I am no part of this physical being. 

Now, if I am not physical, what am I? And so, the idea begins to dawn in your consciousness, that I am something incorporeal, spiritual. I am something that hasn’t a physical form. Oh, I have a body, I possess a body, I use a body. But I am not body. I am something other than physicality. What name shall I call it? What name shall I give to myself? I don’t know. I don’t know. I only perceive at this moment, that I am not a physical being. I am not a physical body. I have a body. This body is my temple. This body is the vehicle. That is why this body must not be abused. This body must not be abused, not with the food that it takes in, or the drink it takes in, or the thoughts that wander around the world seeking admission. This body is the temple of the living God. 

How, then, am I to care for this body, since now I understand that I am not body, but this body is in my care? Well, one thing we have learned through actual experience; that this body behaves better when it is bathed, frequently bathed. It behaves better when it is well-fed, not so well when it is overfed. Oh, then this body is in my care. This body has ugly sensations when the wrong type of thoughts are permitted entrance into my mind; anger thoughts, fear thoughts, doubt thoughts, lust thoughts. All of these disturb my body. So then, the place to operate is not in the body, but not permitting these thoughts entrance to the body. And since I can not exclude them, I must fill myself so there is no room for them. And so, I – now think of that – I abide in the word of God. And I let the word of God abide in me. None of this is physical. None of this is physical. I”m talking now only about I, me. I will fill my consciousness with the divinest truths that I can find. I will occupy myself with the highest spiritual thought, with people of the highest spiritual plane that I can meet. I will keep myself filled with the spirit. I will keep the spirit filling my soul, my consciousness. I. I will do this, not my body will do this. My body will show forth what I am. My body will show forth what I am conscious of. My body will show forth, my life will show forth, my supply will show forth, what I entertain in the consciousness which I am. That consciousness is spirit. That consciousness is soul. It is the very soul of me. So I will live now in soul. I will live in spirit. Better said; I will live as soul. I will live as spirit. I will live as consciousness. I will live as the Christ being. I will live as the very highest of my understanding. And then, let the body show forth that which I am as consciousness, as spirit, as soul. 

Now, you see, that you are not man. You are soul. You are spirit. You are consciousness. This I which we have now declared, is God, individualised as your identity. That is why there is only one I, and that I is God. And so, when you say the word “I”, but with your eyes closed to physicality, when you say “I”, having arrived at the place where you can almost feel this “I” inside of your head or heart, then you have found God. Then you have found yourself as the Son of God. Then you have found yourself as the Christ. But only when, in this consciousness, you have understood that “I AM”. And that that I AM-ness is not physicality, but has a physicality which fully and completely shows forth that which I am. That is why it isn’t difficult to detect an individual who is dead in sin, or dead in fear, or dead in superstition. Their whole attitude and being shows it forth. And it isn’t difficult to tell a person, or identify a person, who is alive in the spirit, alive in the soul. Because that also shows forth in their eyes, and in their very bodies.