Be the Love that birthed you

What if the figures in your dream are not playing according to the patterns and rules that you grew accustomed to. You say, I don’t know what is going on… I don’t like the part I am playing. Or even, what did I do wrong.

In other words you got lost in the forms that appear very distracting and you made from your perception surely a fact. So here it reminds you that all you perceive are ideas with your mind as source.

You learned to go beyond what you see and connect with what is real, nevertheless you feel trapped for a moment. You forgot how to get out of this. Fight and flight are not reasonable options anymore, you just got to much aware of the animal nature of it that is running in your parasympathetic system. You feel the rise of your heartbeat. But you learned not to get in action, just let the rush fade…

Now I got your attention. You want to remember what you seem to have forgotten. You know to go within. And you start doing that. One question can be really helpful at this point. You remember what it is.. How can I extend love in this moment? And then, you wait for an answer. Alert and willing to do anything. When you feel moved to do something you will find yourself do it. And otherwise you just practice infinite patience.

To go within and ask this question will connect you to your soul. It will tell you in stillness of itself. It will whisper to you it’s deepest desire. Can you hear whereof it speaks? Your soul’s desire is to be the love that birthed you. That will be realized every moment you get out of the way and come into Communication. You recognize the grace that is flowing through you from a deep sense of gratitude. Listen.