I AM the first-born of my Father,

standing before all things.

Moving not,

I travel far.

Embracing all things, I touch myself.

Creation arises within me.

I AM the first and the last,

the alpha and omega.

Fulfilled beyond all measure,

I need nothing.

Possessing the whole of Creation,

I desire nothing.

That which has been,


That which is,


That which shall be,


Looking far,

I behold not my ancient beginning.

Gazing near,

I see not my end.

I AM a circle of heavenly Light

embracing all things,

knowing all things,

allowing all things.

My splendor

fills the vastness of space

and is contained

between two thoughts.

The wind is birthed

from my holy breath,

and carries my glory

to all far places.

I AM the power

by which all dreams are dreamt.

I AM the purpose

of all actions performed.

I AM the Way,

the Truth, and the Life,

and the whole of Creation

returns to the Father through me.

I AM the praying,

the prayer,

and the answer.

I AM the dream,

the dreamer,

and her awakening.

I AM the sin,

the sinner,

and the salvation.

I AM the vast ocean

from which

the dew drop arises.

I AM the tear

on the cheek of a newborn

who brings me into form and time.

I AM the words

before your eyes,

the writer,

and the one who even now reads.

I AM the one dreamer

bold enough to imagine

the illusion of separation,

and the one worthy

of releasing the allure of sleep.


simply, that,


Excerpt: The Way of the Servant book 2