Only Love is Real

In this class you are offered tools to directly communicate with the Love that you are.
In this class Wim uses The Epilogue from ACIM for reassurance, comfort. “The New Man” , from Joel S. Goldsmith and Lesson 3 of the Way of Knowing for some hands on communication “tools”.

In this fourth Online Healing Class Wim teaches Only Love Is Real. Using the Epilogue of ACIM you have the opportunity to relax and be comforted that your doubts, that come and go, are included in the process. Once this journey has begun, the ending is certain.

Joel S. Goldsmith brings in the idea of the New Man, God is not found in the brain or in outer space. No we will have to turn within to communicate with the Love that you are. The Kingdom of God is within you.

The Way of Knowing brings us the tools to actually, very practically, enter into direct communication with the Kingdom within. Like a very personal meditation or active prayer. To let yourself be “juiced up” with Love whenever you want.

Below the video you can download the references being used in this class for further play and study.

The Epilogue from A Course in Miracles

491B The New Man

Lesson 3 of the Way Of Knowing

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