There is no more powerful state of consciousness to act from than the state of Knowing. For indeed, beloved friends, if you truly accepted yourself as Christ, you would know that you cannot fail. And if you cannot fail, what would you do with your time? If you knew you could not possibly fail, that the Universe will support you completely at all times, as you choose only to act, to do, to think in a way that extends Love, would you be living where you’re currently living? Would you be doing with your time what you’re currently doing? . . . many of you because you think you must survive first, in order to find a way to teach only Love.

(p60) In The Way of Knowing, the Christ Mind recognizes it has no purpose, whatsoever, except to extend Love. The body-mind need not survive more than the next moment, if in that next moment you have extended Love and your guidance is,

(p61) Time to be beamed up.

(p62) Those that know that only Love is Real are not concerned with what they eat and what they drink. For these things come into the body and leave through the body. They are concerned only with whether or not that which they consume for the sake of the body was consumed in Love. For Love is what allows the transmutation of anything that comes into the physical system and allows it to be turned to that which supports the energetic wholeness of the physical system itself.

(p63) It is far greater, by the way, to have what you call a bottle of Scotch for breakfast in a state of total Christed Love, than it is to have nine thousand vitamins spread before you with one tiny little fearful thought. So, that’s just an aside and something for you to think about.

(p64) For you see, it is fear that causes you to be unable to digest what you place in the body — the body of the emotions, or the body of the mind. It is what causes stress in the subtle system of the body: the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body — the subtle nonphysical bodies. What causes the greatest problem is your refusal to digest what you’ve taken in. And just as food is a physical substance taken into the body, an experience of any kind is a “food” that has been called to the soul. Anything that arises that cannot pass through you, through your willingness to embrace it with Love, to feel it completely, will cause “indigestion” of the physical, emotional, mental, and causal beings or bodies.

(p65) Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, learn to digest all things in Love. Learn to digest the traffic jam in Love. Learn to digest the dying of a pet in Love. Learn to digest an apple in Love. Learn to digest a hurtful thought in Love. Learn to digest a misperception that there’s something wrong with the world around you with Love. Transform all things by the power of your only Reality.

(p66) And now, we would shift ever so slightly and ask you to join with us. For I want to ask of you: What is it that you have refused to digest in this one incarnation? Was it an unfairness bestowed upon you by your mother or father? Was it the “bad break” at the office in which you got passed up for a promotion? What is it in your life that remains undigested?

(p67) There! Something has come into the mind. Trust it. Stay with that one thought, that one picture, that one memory. For it has arisen in the conscious mind to be healed and transformed now. Bring your attention to it in this very moment. Look upon it, breathe with the body, and say simply within the mind:

(p68) I choose now to fully digest this by bringing Love to it, by actually loving the event just as it was — loving the picture, the memory, the thought, just as it is.

(p69) If you wish, you can stand with your arms out wide and your palms turned Heavenward and receive the Love that transmutes all things. Breathe that Love! Feel that Love in and through that picture, that memory, that feeling — whatever it is that’s occurring for you, until it literally dissolves. And if you don’t feel that happening, even in your body, there’s a part of you that’s resisting letting go of what has been undigested. And if that is the case, you need to ask yourself:

(p70) Why do I need to uphold my illusory perception about this event? What in me is committed to withholding my Love?

(p71) If you wish, we would highly suggest that you spend some time each day asking the same question:

(p72) What is it that I’ve not been willing to digest about this life and about this world? Where am I refusing to bring my Love?

(p73) Is it to your government? Is it to your Internal Revenue Service? Hmm? Is it to the mate? Is it to the children? To the pet? To the school system? What is it that you have refused to bring your Love to?

(p74) For you see, the greatest joy in life is to be the Lover of Life. For as you love, you experience Love. Therefore, do unto others what you would have done unto yourself. And is that not to be loved? And when you choose to love in any given moment, you are the one who gets to receive the benefits of Love first. It is an immediate experience, and it cannot be taken from you. You are free to “juice yourself” any time you want by choosing only to Love. In any given condition, you are the presence of that one to whom all power under Heaven and earth has been given, not just to extend Love as a duty, for it is not a duty, it is a pleasure. It is the supreme pleasure that can be experienced in the depth of any mind, whether you happen to be in the world of space and time or, like me, out of it.

(p75) You are the one that can experience Love and let your cup overflow. You are the one who can enjoy each and every moment, regardless of the conditions. For the conditions are only the interpretations of the egoic mind. All events are neutral. They are there for you to love, that you might experience Love! That’s really how simple it is. It has always been that way, and it will never change. You are the Lover. The world can be the reflection of your Beloved.

(p76) Let each moment, then, find you in the simple, quiet, inner enjoyment that comes from the decision to love. To love the taking out of the garbage. To love the rain that hits the windows. To love the crying of the child .To love, to love, to love! Love embraces all things, allows all things, trusts all things, and therefore transcends all things. And that is the power that abides within you when you finally choose to be That One who Knows.

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