excerpt: The Way Of Transformation lesson 2…

(p2) Therefore, indeed, it is with great joy that we have come forth to abide with you in this hour. And we would ask you to set aside the roar and din of the world, to simply hold the thought in the mind, for just the briefest of moments, that right now you need not be concerned for anything, that the world you have dreamt into being, simply to experience it, can be placed upon a shelf…that in this hour there is simply this experience: your willingness to prepare a place for us and to hear subtle vibrations, translated as thoughts, shaping the form of the vocal cords, to utter the words in the English language that can direct the heart toward the soul, that can direct the soul toward the spirit, that can direct the spirit into awakening fully as the presence of the Thought of Love in form. For this is what you are made to be. And this is what you are eternally, regardless of the vibrations of thoughts that you allow to make a home in your mind, temporarily.

(p3) You have a term in your legal system–temporary insanity.

(p4) My client is not guilty, it was just temporary insanity.

(p5) Rest assured, beloved friend, that that is exactly how it is in the cosmic dimensions of your being. Your Father knows that given perfectly free will, you have elected at times to be temporarily insane. Knowing this, no judgment has been passed, and you have never been made wrong by your Creator.

(p6) And you have never failed to create and attract precisely those most beautiful lessons that have triggered for you what you most need to learn, what you most need to feel. And in each moment you exist in an exquisite perfection of your own making, your own collaboration with one another. You therefore, my beloved friends, are already as I am. And we merely work together to restore to your mind what God has placed there since before the beginning of time. We work together in joy and in innocence and in perfect simplicity to re-call, to re-member, what is true always, and then to explore the expansion of that Truth beyond the boundaries of every fearful thought, beyond the limitations of every egoic perception, beyond even the body, itself, which can be only a temporary communication device usable only within the very thin slice of Creation that you call the physical world.