And so you see, since then, that same thing has followed with every class. When I got up to teach Metaphysical Notes class, the first words out of my mouth were, My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea,” and dear friends, I give you my word, I didn’t know that until that minute. In that minute I was given the teaching that when I am consciously one with God, I am one with you, and I am one with supply, and I am one with home, and I am one with companionship, I am one with health; but only in the degree that I am one with the Father … one with God.

And so you will find a hundred thousand words in that book, or ninety-odd thousand words, and every single page of it is devoted to that theme, that conscious union with God constitutes oneness with all your spiritual good, manifest on the human plane in terms of human good.

So it has been, just by a willingness, when called upon to teach, the lessons have been given to me. The words have been given, and in most cases I have been taught at the same moment that the students were being taught.

If you will look at that little booklet, Deep Silence of My Peace, it came about in this wise. I was in Seattle, Washington, walking from the hotel to the Truth Center, and the newspaper headlines on the street … there was a boy, or there were many men out, crying “Extra! Extra!” and when I looked at their papers, passing, there were four tremendous headlines. The first was that we had lost a tremendous battle in Korea. The second was that there was to be a national telephone strike. Every telephone in the United States was to go out of order at four o’clock in the afternoon. And there was to be a national railroad strike, and every railroad was to come to a stop at midnight, and then there was a fourth item, which I have forgotten.

Well when I got into the Center and stood on the platform, you could cut the air, it was so thick with blues, so thick with the news that had been out there on … and evidently, many of those people were getting it on the radio, before I saw those headlines. So I went to the edge of the platform and said, “Evidently, this that is out in the world has even penetrated in here, into our midst.” And then all of a sudden the Spirit took over, and out of me came the rest of that, My peace give I unto you. And if you read that little booklet, you can almost hear God speak to you, because it was God speaking to us. And in a few moments, that room just lifted up, and they commenced back again into their true realization of their true identity.

Now I am telling you these things, not for any personal reason. I am telling them to you as exemplifications of these spiritual truths, that you must cast your bread upon the water, if you want it to come back to you. And you must acknowledge that you already have the allness, and then, as you are called on, be willing to give, share, or spend, so that it flow out from you. And never, never take the stand that you have a demonstration to make, that you have a lack that must be fulfilled, that you have a need. Never acknowledge it, even when it’s there. Admit it as an appearance, but not as a reality.

Admit that it would seem so to human sense, but spiritually it is not so, since the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof, and all that belongs to God is yours. Do you see that? That is why I explain these things, to show you, that unless I could first acknowledge that spiritual wisdom is mine, I couldn’t open my mouth and let it flow out. And the same is true of you. If you do not acknowledge that God’s wisdom is your wisdom, you will never be able to open your mouth to utter truth. In the same way, if you do not acknowledge that God’s supply is yours, you will never open that pocketbook and let the millions and millions of dollars that are in there flow out. You don’t see them in there, because they only appear in the order of your use of them.

It is very much like time. Now you know, time is a long, long time, a long … oh my, time. Just think, there’s no end to time. But look. It’s doled out to us one second at a time. We never get five seconds at one time to play with. No, no, no. God gives us one second at a time, and never any more. Just look at the sunshine. Look at the heat up there. Look at the light up there. But we only get enough each minute for that minute. In other words, it is a continuous unfolding and disclosing, from a standpoint of infinity.

And so it is, whatever money is in your pocket, or in your bank at this moment, is enough for this moment. Behind it is an infinity of money. Behind it is all that the Father hath. And as you learn to understand that, that it is given to you a day’s worth at a time, a month’s worth at a time, or a year’s worth at a time, you will not have to have the feeling that Moses had to cure his Hebrews of, when they wanted to pick manna for tomorrow. No, no, no. We do not live on yesterday’s manna, nor do we think about tomorrow’s manna, for this reason: God’s Grace is thy sufficiency, and God’s Grace only gives you a second at a time to live in. God’s Grace only gives you one bit of sunlight at a time to live with. God’s Grace only permits you to eat one meal at a time. And God’s Grace may be sending your supply to you through in lots of one pound at a time, or five pounds, or ten pounds. But whatever it is, understand that whatever you have is the immediate appearing of an infinity, which underlies it.

Infinity is the measure of your capacity: to know, to do, to be, and to have. But it will only appear one grain at a time as you need it, just as our classes appear one subject at a time, as we need it. And as we need another subject, it appears in time. And if God were to give me twenty subjects in one evening, it wouldn’t bless you or me, because we couldn’t digest it, any more than we could digest twenty meals in one day. Do you see that?

Now do not judge by appearances that just because we only have one second to live in, that we won’t be eternally alive, because we will. The one second that we are living now is the immediacy of the infinity of time. And so it is, whatever we have of supply, home, companionship; that is only the immediacy, behind which is infinity, pouring itself through in proportion to our need. And as we make more room for more by letting out more, more will flow.

Anyone who has ever taught can tell you that you only learn by teaching. Nobody learns by being taught; everyone learns by teaching. The more you teach, the more you know, because when you open your mouth to teach, there is something that is putting more in your mouth than you ever knew.

So it is, the more we spend out in currency, in the right direction, the more the flow will be. And the stronger the flow we let out, the stronger the flow will pour in. But it all has its basis in this: You must put your bread upon the water. You are the one who has to release it before it can return to you. You are the one who must acknowledge that you have. You have all infinity. You have eternality, why, you have the Grace of God. What more can any of us have, or want, or need than the Grace of God? And that Grace of God will appear in the measure of our health, in the measure of our supply, in the measure of our good, in the measure of our companionship, in the measure of our love with each other, through each other, in each other, and from this center, out into the world.