You know, if you were to look around this room and see how few people are here, you would say, “Well not much love could get from here out into the world, we are so few.” But if you would stop to think that we are but the outlets for God’s Love, you’d know that each and every one of us could send out enough love into the world to save it. We are told that ten righteous men could save a city. Well a hundred of us here could save a nation, because it isn’t our love that we give out, and our love isn’t the measure of the capacity of our giving. It is God’s love that we permit to flow through us, and we permit it to flow in infinity of abundance, and strength, and power, and so forth.

Now what have we here?
(Question) Could you explain why it is that students of many years standing, when their hearts are filled with love, which is the whole law, the fulfilling of the law, its greatest power, find themselves receiving so much love that they can barely handle it?

Well the answer is that in a case like that, where we feel that we cannot handle all the love that is coming to us, we are accepting the love personally, as if that love were meant for us, and it isn’t. It’s really meant for God, because you see, we of ourselves never could do anything to deserve so much love. We are but instruments for the Father. And when we are thanked, or when we receive love, whether we receive it from a bubbly heart, or from a great big purse, it isn’t really meant for us as people. It is meant for us as representatives of the power which is appearing through us.

It is very much like a former President of the United States. He was a very rough diamond, and a “hail fellow, well met,” and a sort of a good fellow. And he loved to go over to the club every afternoon, (this was not war days), and play cards with the boys. And he did. He went over to the club every afternoon and played poker with them. And they smoked, and they had their highballs, and they told their stories. And they had their coats off in the warm weather. But one thing he insisted on … they must address him as Mr. President, because in his official capacity, it was respect for his office that he demanded. For him as a man, it was all right to be “hail fellow, well met,” but when you were addressing him, you had to honor his office. Do you see that?

And that is the way we receive homage. That is the way we receive the respect and the love of our students, and our friends, and our patients. We can take our coats off too, and we can sit around and enjoy the human things of life, but always remember that actually, our function is to reveal God. And so when you show that respect and love, you’re really showing it to God and the instrument of God that pours forth. Then we can take any amount of adulation without getting a big head, and we can take any amount of money without using it for wrong purposes and allowing it to spoil us. As you probably know, more people are spoiled through wealth than through poverty. It is possible to get over being poor; it is very difficult to get over being rich, unless you have been given the wisdom to know how to handle it.
Thank you brother [Joel speaks to someone]

… just as moral as you ought to be, or just as regular in church as you ought to be, or some other reason, or perhaps find the right practitioner. When you can give up that belief that God is withholding something, and you will have to find some mysterious teaching, or teacher, or something that will make God give up, you will start the flow of God in your experience—Not that it isn’t flowing now, but that we ourselves are barring its entry into our experience.

Number one: God is infinite good. God is the principle of life. God is the substance of life and God is the law of life. God is the reality of life. God is the maintaining and sustaining influence of life. And all of this God is, without any prayers from you and me, without any treatments from you and me. God already is about Its own business of beautifully, harmoniously, and permanently, and spiritually, and immortally maintaining this universe.

Now, our acceptance of a law apart from God; even our acceptance of the belief that our sins are separating us from our good; even that is enough to stop the flow in our direction. It doesn’t stop God’s flow; it stops it operating in our experience. That doesn’t give anyone the privilege of sinning, because the Master reminds you that while there is no condemnation for your sins, for the simple reason that they were performed in ignorance, but now that you know, go and sin no more.

So let us not be concerned with yesterday’s sins of omission or commission. Let us not be concerned with yesterday’s karma. Let us not be concerned with anything that had to do with yesterday or today, but let us begin with this very moment, in this realization: “God is a living God, and God has no pleasure in your dying or being punished. Matter of fact, the Master tells us that herein is God glorified, that ye bear fruit richly. In no other way. God is not glorified in your going around in sackcloth and ashes. God is not glorified in your going around condemning yourself for yesterday’s faults, which you couldn’t help, because you couldn’t be any better than your own state of consciousness was yesterday.

God doesn’t condemn us for that, once we are awakened to the fact that there is a God, and that God is a living being, and that God is in the midst of us, and that God is an infinite power and an only power. We can then begin to rest and let the activity of God take place in us.

Too many times, even in the metaphysical world, we are actually reaching out mentally, as if we were trying to contact a God, and thereby have God perform Its wonders of healing, multiplying loaves and fishes in us and that isn’t necessary.
To begin with, you never can reach God. Might as well stop trying. The reason is that God is already at the center of your being. More than that, God already is your very life, your very soul, your very consciousness. How can you reach your own life? You are your own life; your life is you. It’s all one. There’s no twoness reaching out to anything. You can’t reach up to God; you can’t reach down to God; you can’t reach within to God. God already is established as the very life of your being.

You can acknowledge this, and the acknowledgment of this will set you free from the discords of mind and body and pocketbook. You can acknowledge this: God already is. And since God is infinite, that must include my very being, since I cannot be outside of infinity.

“God is. God is operating; God is functioning; God is about its own business; God in the midst of me is mighty.”

Once you begin to acknowledge this, you’ll find that the mental strain is lifted from here, and from back here, because you don’t have to think thoughts anymore. Oh that’s a wonderful day. That’s a wonderful day, when you don’t have to think thoughts anymore, not even right thoughts or good thoughts. Because the moment you realize that God is infinite, you learn a great secret: good thoughts aren’t any more helpful than bad thoughts are harmful. Bad thoughts aren’t harmful, and good thoughts aren’t helpful. They’re just not power, because God is power. Oh I know, we can think two times two are four. Lucky for us if we do, because they are, whether we think it or not.