It has been said that we must choose this day whom we will serve. I don’t believe we have that power to choose. I believe, that at some moment of our lives, truth is presented to us when we are prepared to accept it. And from that moment on, we have no choice. We must accept it, even though at first with hesitation; even though at first, we take it, and drop it, and pick it up again, and drop it again; even though at first it may be for one hour a week, or one hour a day. But It, the Spirit of God within us—will not let us alone. And it will keep nagging and keep plaguing until eventually, the light dawns.

You know, this was the experience of Saul of Tarsus. When he gave up voluntarily, his free citizenship, to live among the Hebrews in the Holy Land, it wasn’t that he didn’t love freedom. It was only that something inside of him was compelling him to find God, and from what he knew at the time, the only place God was to be found was in Jerusalem.

Strange thing is of course, that it was true. Only he went to the wrong part of Jerusalem at first, because he didn’t know of the other. And so he went to the Temple, and learned the letter of truth which killeth.

But remember, that operating in his consciousness, all of this time that he was working in the Temple and studying in the Temple, operating in his consciousness was this drive for truth. And even though he couldn’t recognize it in the Master, or in the Master’s teachings; nevertheless, the drive for truth was there, and eventually, he found it. He found it, he was led out of that Temple; he was led out of the letter of truth into the experience.

But let us never forget that all of these years, of his freedom, and of his life in Jerusalem, all of this time there was an activity going on in his consciousness, driving him to truth; even to the extent of being willing to give up his freedom. There was something driving him to truth, and once that drive is there, it doesn’t come by virtue of man, it comes by virtue of God.

And once that drive is there, it may lead us in a wrong direction…It will not lead us in a wrong direction, we permit ourselves in our ignorance, to go in a wrong direction. But ultimately it leads us out of there, to that which inwardly we are seeking—and that is realization, God realization.

To each one of us, regardless of what goal we are following on earth, what path we are following, the goal is God realization. And none of us, none of us in this room, and none of us who hear these tapes, none of us will ever rest, until the goal is achieved. And that goal is God realization.

It is for this reason, that in the message of The Infinite Way, each one is not only free when they come, they’re just as free when they go. In other words, no one is ever bound to this message by membership, obligation, duty or any other reason. Because this message recognizes above all, that you are not seeking this message—you are seeking God realization.

And if this message can be a help to you on the way, you are welcome to it. It was the way in which I came, and it is set forth as a help, for all those who may be led to it, but for no other reason. It is not to bind anyone ever, in a membership, a duty, or an obligation.

And always remember this. Should the day come when I…Well, the day will come when I am not visibly present. Do not let anyone sell you on the virtues of organizing this, and becoming a member, and uniting to get greater benefits from it, because, there are no benefits to be gotten from uniting or membership. The only uniting that gives benefit is uniting with God. Your conscious oneness with God is your salvation. This message is intended to help those who are receptive and responsive to it. But to help them, not, not by taking them out of freedom, but by leaving them in their freedom.