And always remember this. And those of you who are very, very young, please remember it in the generations to come. When somebody tries to sell you on the idea of how wonderful it would be to unite, either to build a monument to Joel, or to get a greater blessing from God for yourself. Oh, there will be lots of good reasons offered you.

But please remember, that you have been taught that the secret of life is consciousness, your consciousness. Your consciousness in its oneness with God, is infinite and supreme—not your consciousness in union with other men or women. Your consciousness in its oneness with God. We can unite in meditations, and find a greater strength, but that uniting in meditation has no human obligation with it, none whatsoever.

Let this work forever result in your freedom, and in the freedom of those who come to it. So that wherever there is a meditation oasis, be sure that everyone that comes to meditate in it is free to meditate in accordance with their spiritual leading. And if they would like to sit in a chair, make them welcome. If they prefer a pillow on the floor, let them have it.

All right then, Easter is to be an experience, an experience of resurrection. Therefore, we prepare for that each moment of our lives. Just as in planting fruit trees, the goal is to have fruit. But the preparation for it is the planting of the seed, the rain, the sunshine, the fertilizer—all of this is preparation for the ultimate experience of fruitage.

So with us, abiding in the Word, letting the Word abide in us, consciously renewing our understanding moment by moment. Here and now, I and the Father are one. Here and now, Son thou art ever with Me, and all that I have is thine. Now, I…I in the midst of me is come that I might have life, and that I might have life more abundantly.

And so, abiding consciously in truth, I bring forth spiritual fruitage. Letting myself be mentally unconscious, I take in the seeds of the carnal mind, and the fruit that I bring forth is carnal.

Paul told us of that. “If you sow to the flesh you reap corruption, if you sow to the Spirit you reap life everlasting.” But remember, sowing is an activity of consciousness. You cannot sow without taking thought; you cannot sow without abiding in truth; you cannot sow without an activity of consciousness going on. Therefore, be careful that you are not letting the mind be idle, so that it takes in every seed that’s blowing around in the air. But keep the mind active, abiding in truth, so that you are sowing to the Spirit. And then on Easter, that is, at a particular day or moment—an experience of resurrection takes place.

It may not actually be on the day called Easter day. Each one of us has our own Easter day. Each one of us has an actual moment of experience in which we are resurrected, in which the old man of us is dead.

Then, there is a three day period, after which I raise up this temple again. And then there is the longer period, of preparation for the final experience of ascension above mortality, ascension into Christhood—even while here on earth.

Always remember, that since Jesus attained Christhood, he was imparting to us the truth—that Christhood is the measure of our experience, our goal, our attainment. And once we have been touched, we never again can rest, until we have attained it.

True, for a long, long time we’re all going to say, “I do not claim to have fully attained.” But I am going to repeat, day after day, that that attainment is my goal, and that I do know that I will only attain it by an activity of truth in my consciousness.

Thank you.