So I will say this to you, Art of Meditation, Practicing the Presence, Living the Infinite Way, these I especially recommend for the purpose of introducing into our inner lives, this inner quiet, this inner peace, this ability to rest in prayer and  communion.  But when it comes to the principles and the application of the principles and the living of the principles then any or all of the other writings.  And it is just a matter of choice whether you read one or the other or all of them because the principle remains the same in all of them.  It is only the manner of presenting them that is different.  Just like the difference between Saturday night and tonight.  The principle in both cases is the same.  You see the tremendous difference in presenting.

Another thing is this: As you present the same principle a dozen times, it clarifies itself to you.  Therefore, when you have read this principle back in The Infinite Way and have probably have come across it in another form in Consciousness Unfolding and then pick it up again in The Master Speaks and then a few times in The Letters, then by the time you come to this class, you have no difficulty with what I’m saying.  It’s really the old, old story again that the more we bring this into our consciousness, the deeper it sinks.

Now when we first hear it, it is only intellectual knowledge.  When we first read it it is only intellectual knowledge.  That’s why it has no healing power.  That’s why students can go through one or two classes and say, “I’m no different than I was when I started.” And it may very well be true.  But watch the student after six or eight or nine classes or after they have read two, three, four or five years—study, practice.  What happens is that the truth that was first taken in intellectually begins to go from the mind down to the heart.  At first it’s an intellectual agreement, but later it becomes a spiritual perception.  And that is why the students who have been with me the longest are doing the best work.  There is nothing personal about it.  There is no personality involved; it’s only that the constant being with them, the constant giving to them of these principles, the constant breaking down of material sense gradually unfolds their spiritual sense.

Now all spiritual teaching has to be like that.  Nobody can impart a spiritual teaching in a book or in a class.  Spiritual teaching takes place over the years.  Spiritual teaching takes place through what is called time, effort, and devotion. And the amount of time, effort and devotion that the student puts in, is the exact degree of spirituality they are going to take out.

“Is the sensitivity you spoke of the other night the secret of prophets and prophecy?”

No, the secret of prophets and prophecy is the grace of God.  The grace of God touches some people in a way that makes them prophets or gives them the ability to prophecy. It makes some mystics; it makes some cosmic; it makes some musicians; it makes some painters; it makes some writers; it is the grace of God appearing in an individual way in a person’s life.  Then when that has come, the sensitivity follows.  This regards to healing of the body, of the faculties and please believe me, this has nothing to do with your personal beliefs, it has to do with a universal belief which you must not individually accept; or your practitioner must not accept it for you, and then your practitioner can heal you.

“Recently in your writings, you use the phrase ‘the rhythm of God’.  Would an individual feel this in his experience, and find it manifest itself in vibrations of a physical nature?”

No, no. The rhythm of God has nothing to do with physical sensation.  The rhythm of God has nothing to do with anything more than, if you have seen the desert sky and you see each individual star upheld in a rhythm.  There is no sensation about it, and there is no actual rhythm about it; it’s a feeling.  It’s in the same way that the rhythm of God has nothing to do with vibrations, as we understand them, or physical sense.  The rhythm of God is merely a flowing, a flowing along in consciousness.  I can’t make that plain because it must be spiritually discerned.

“Please talk again of the state of grace in which there is no duality; therefore no strife, just oneness of being.”

That’s the one thing above all things that I love to talk about all of the time and really believe I have been talking about it all night.  The grace of God in which there is no duality because the mesmeric sense has been dispelled.  And even though I still look out there and see you, as far as my eyes are concerned, appearing as physical forms, I’m really not fooled by it.  Not anymore than I would be fooled by seeing the railroad tracks coming together. I could look out there and see you. The mesmerism has dropped away from me. To that extent that I know you as you are; incorporeal, spiritual, pure, eternal, the temple of God. That’s why you are so welcome into this; not only because you are the temple of God, but because in some measure you know it, and that makes one, of our spiritual household, one of our spiritual family. That’s why there is an invisible bond between us. Not only that I see you as you are spiritually and perfectly, but you must in some measure see me that way or you wouldn’t have come to this room.  Because you haven’t come here to look at the frame of a man, nor have you come to hear his great learning.  Neither of those things interest you. You have come here only to feel the rhythm of God.  To feel this Spirit of God that flows out from here, and you know it.  And so it is.

I’m not interested in you as a frame. Not even interested in you as a dollar.  I’m interested in you only as the rhythm of God that I can feel in you because of your love of truth, your love of God. That’s what makes us one.  We have a common bond.  We have a love of God. We just as well go over to Madison Square Garden and have a bigger crowd.  But we have no union with them; we have no contact with them; we have no feel with them.  Why?  Well underneath they are the same spiritual being that we are, but they don’t know it.  And they are not on the path to discover it.  And they don’t feel it in me. And I want to be with those who feel it in me.  And that’s why you are here.  You want to be with those who feel it in you.  And you know that those who are drawn to this class see in you and feel in you this rhythm of God.  To some extent everyone in this room has been deprived of mesmeric sense.  Everyone has at least one or two of the seven veils taken away and they are seeing more clearly.  And the ones you love best in this room are the ones who have had most of the veils of illusion taken from before their eyes, and you can feel it.  You know that they are not looking at you as a male or female.  They are not looking at you as rich or poor, beautiful or not beautiful.  They are feeling in you the rhythm of God and you feel it in them. And you love to have it felt in you, and you are sure they love to feel it in you.  That is what makes us of one family, one spiritual household, the household of God.  That is what makes The Infinite Way one particular temple of the living God.  There are many others.  Every teacher of the Spirit has had built for him a temple of the living God which is his ministry or his church or his student body or his practice.  God builds for each of us, whether it’s an art, a profession, a business; God builds for us our particular temple and we welcome into that temple those who are like-minded.  We pick out the one that has the most of the veils of illusion stripped away from them and we select that one for our leader, or our teacher, or our minister or our practitioner.  But only because they are one step ahead of us, because our hope and our aim and our ambition also is to pierce this veil of mesmerism and behold this universe as it is and then be satisfied with that likeness.