Let this be clear: An illusion is never objectified.  Therefore your body is not an illusion, this world is not an illusion. Ah, but you say that in my writings I have said that this world is an illusion.  Yes, but that word “this” world has quotation marks around it referring to Jesus statement that this world of human concepts.  Not the world out here; the world up here.  That is the illusion.  He called it, “this world”.  Do you remember what he said?   “My kingdom is not of this world.”  Well you know later he said, “I have overcome this world.”  You don’t find any mountains missing, any lakes, any oceans.  You don’t find anything missing from this world.  Not even any dictators.  They are all here just as they were in his days.  What then did he mean when he said, “I have overcome the world”?   Why I have overcome the world of illusions up here.  My world is now pure.  I see now that this is the temple of the living God.  Out here, if you want to spoil the temple and still keep on with your animal sacrifices or your dove selling, your money changing, go ahead. But I have overcome that world.  I don’t live in it.  My peace I have.  Not the peace that the world can give.  Not the peace that comes with a heart that beats so much; not the peace that comes with knowing that I have this many dollars income.  Not the peace that comes because I have a happy family.  Oh no.  That’s the peace that this world can give, and Jesus didn’t have it for he didn’t have a family at that time; they had deserted him.  And he didn’t have where to lay his head.  He had none of the things of this world but he had “my peace” and he had overcome the world.  He had overcome within himself the world of illusion and he could look out and see a round world.  He could look out and see railroad tracks that didn’t come together.  He could look out and see beyond the graveyard to immortality.  Do you see that?  Now here is your difference between the unillumined human mind and the illumined human mind. The human mind that knows nothing of spiritual truth; or the human mind that is imbued with truth and is no longer a human mind and it is a spiritual consciousness; because the human mind has died. Died to its illusion.  Died to the fabric of illusion; to the fabric of hypnotism and now it looks out and it does not see that hypnotic picture.  For when you awaken you will see Him as He is and you will be satisfied with His likeness.  When you awaken you will see Him as He is.  You won’t change Him or reform Him or improve Him.  You will see Him as He is.  And this is the truth about us.  We are right now in the kingdom of God and there is only a mesmeric state, the state that came in with our acceptance of two powers: good and evil.  That is what makes us look at each other and see young and old, tall and short, thin and stout.  Only that mesmeric sense which has its foundation in the belief of good and evil; the acceptance of the belief of good and evil.  In the degree that you overcome this belief of good and evil, when you stop getting frightened at the appearance of sin, disease, lack and limitation, and begin to see through it and realize: no, no, no; that does not hypnotize me now. That doesn’t frighten me now.  I know now that it doesn’t exist out there.  It exists up in this human belief and if I want to nullify it, I had better not accept it.

That’s the only destruction of error—is meeting one individual that does not accept it.  If you lived two thousand years ago you probably would have had to see Jesus Christ to get an instantaneous healing because he so completely perceived that there is neither good nor evil. Not even Pilate had power to do him harm; that not even leprosy could harm him; that not even blindness could blind anyone.  When you went to the disciples you may have had one or two treatments before you had your healing because their perception had not attained the clarity of his, and there was still some of that mesmerism of good and evil in them.

So it is today.  There has been throughout these last seventy-five years there have been men and women, if you could have found them, to whom you could go and be almost certain of an instantaneous healing.  And there is only one reason.  They had apprehended the truth.  They were businessmen; they were housewives in their unillumined state. But when this truth was revealed to them, they were all of a sudden Christ consciousness and they saw through the picture to the perfection that existed.

One of Mrs. Eddy’s students, one who was around her for a good many years, and lived in her home for three, told us in Boston one time that in the early days, in his days around Mrs. Eddy, that healings were almost all instantaneous and they were all accomplished in the same manner.  Regardless of what claim that anyone brought to them, they would turn around and say, “Oh, that’s mortal mind.  Don’t pay any attention to that.”  In those days mortal mind meant nothingness, and that’s how the healings took place.  “Oh, that’s just mesmerism. Oh, that’s just nothingness.”  They saw that the tracks didn’t come together.  They saw that the earth isn’t flat.  They saw through the mirage on the desert.  And the healings were quick.

Afterwards, when all this battling began, this overcoming and rising above, and sitting up all night to protect oneself against; that’s when the healings went down, and down, and down.  Why?  In proportion as two powers came up, healings went down.  So in our Infinite Way work.  When you find our practitioners who have been drilled and schooled; not for a day, a week or a month, it takes years; but when you find those who have been schooled to the point that they absolutely cannot believe in the mirage on the desert, you find also beautiful healing work in our work, beautiful healing work.  And you usually find that they are the practitioners who don’t walk around with long faces.  They have seen through the mirage and this world doesn’t scare them anymore.  You will find that they are not even afraid of these atomic bombs and dictators for they have seen that temporal power isn’t power. Spiritual power is the only power.  And a thousand may fall at my left; and ten thousand at my right, it will not come neigh the dwelling place of those who are grounded in the one truth.  Temporal power isn’t power.  Only Spirit is power and Spirit does not contend either against bombs or dictators, or governments, or any other form of stupidity. Don’t ever forget that.

Does that clear up last night’s experience.  I hope so.  Otherwise we will have to do this all over again.

“Would you say that for a student who is progressing on the spiritual path that it is more important to study your later writings?

No, I really wouldn’t.  As a matter of fact, the later writings like the Art of Meditation and Practicing the Presence and Living the Infinite Way are more especially help to aid us to attain that inner peace through meditation, that inner quiet, that inner calm. And while they embody the principles of The Infinite Way, they are more especially designed to help us to that period of really living this inner life. Whereas the books, The Infinite Way, Spiritual Interpretation of Scriptures, and the class books, The Master Speaks, Consciousness Unfolding, they are the real class works and instruction on the principles and of course, the deepest of all of our books are the letters, The Infinite Way Letters – 54, 5, 6, and 7 are the deepest for this reason. Right now I’m having an experience this week in this class, which you have already seen is a little unusual, and from which I’ve learned quite a bit.  Now you know that it’s only a very short period of time when it is going to be appearing in Letters because I want to share it with all those who are not here and all those who cannot hear the tape.  And here we are with only 115 of us in this room. And it would be a sad thing if such an instruction such as we have had this week would be limited to 115 people in the world. Through the tape recordings, they will probably reach a few thousand more. Well that’s a little better.  But through the monthly letters there is no telling how many thousands will be reached.  Therefore, I will put the very deepest things that I know into those letters; compact them into five thousand words so that everybody who receives the letter can have the deepest that comes out of a class.  Then at the end of twelve months, you can imagine what’s in that book of twelve letters.  So it has been.  There is nothing more precious in our entire library than the Infinite Way Letters of 54, 5, 6, and 7 and what comes through this year in 58.