And you don’t have to pray to God to heal your patient.  You only have to sit and bear witness to the fact that God constitutes your patient.  God is the very temple of your patient’s body.  God is the very temple of your patient’s health.  God is the temple of your patient’s wealth.  God is the temple or your patient’s or your student’s business, art or profession. And you sit there knowing this in spite of ugly appearances.  And if you can hold to it with your spiritual vision, you will soon see that all of a sudden you will realize    “Why that sky isn’t sitting on the ocean.  That was just a state of hypnotism.  Why that city isn’t out there in the desert.  That’s a mirage.”  How will you know that?  Some inner thing will tell you.  It will deny the evidence of the senses and it will convince you that that water on the desert isn’t water.  Let’s put the car in gear and go forward.  And you will go splashing right through the water that isn’t there.  Why?  Because you have discerned that the nature of that water on the desert was illusion.  And so one day you are going to discern that the nature of sin, disease, death, the nature of physicality, even good physicality, is illusion. Man does not live by heartbeats; man does not live by bread alone.  No. Man lives by the grace of God.

Grace is the only word that should be used in a mystic’s mind, or heart, or soul, or being.  Grace!  Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things. Thy grace.  By Thy grace I live.  By Thy grace I eat.  By Thy grace I assimilate or eliminate.  By Thy grace I earn.  By Thy grace I survive.  By Thy grace I am eternal.  Not by bread;. not by money; not by a heart, or a liver or a lung.  No. My heart, liver or lung lives because I have the grace of God.  I have money in my pocket because of the grace of God.  Do you see that?  That is why money isn’t a disgrace; money isn’t an evil.  It is the misunderstanding of it that is.  Do you see that?  If you have got your faith in money, you have just made a god out of it.  But if you have your faith in a heart, liver or lung, you have made a god out of those.  And you are going to be just as disappointed one day with that heart, liver or lung as you ever can be with money.  Don’t put your faith in anything external; put your faith in grace.  By the grace of God, my body is the temple of the living God.  Not by virtue of vitamins or minerals.  I can take vitamins and minerals, that’s all right.  That’s part of the food compliment.  But I don’t live by them anymore than I live by eating meat or vegetables or milk.  I live by the grace of God.  And so it is.  I may have all the money in the world if there is any need for it.  But I don’t live by it.  I have that money by the grace of God.  And I live by the grace of God.  And if money is necessary, I will have it. And if it isn’t necessary I don’t need it.  Always remember this; ye are the temple of the living God.  Your body is the temple of the living God.  So is your business, so is your art, your talent.  Everything that concerns you: my student body is the temple of the living God, and I treat it sacredly, and you know that.  My work is the temple of the living God.  And that is why I am so careful that we all meditate; that we all keep ourselves pure in this work.  Because this is the temple of the living God and it cannot be defiled.  So is your business and so is your body.  The temple of the living God and you live by grace.  By every word of God that you entertain in consciousness; that’s what you live by.  And if that were to appear as food on your table, money in your pockets, a business, an art, a profession, a talent, a ministry, well and good.  But if it doesn’t, if you find yourself out in the middle of the ocean with only a rubber boat, do not be concerned.  You are still the temple of the living God, and God is still there, and you are still going to live by the grace of God—Forty years in the desert with Moses; three years with Jesus; six weeks with Rickenbacker.  Anywhere that you may be, you can remember that you are not living by effect, not by water, not by wine, not by bread, not by meat, but by I.  I am the bread, the wine, the water.  I am life eternal.  I am the resurrection.  You live by virtue of the fact that I in the midst of you am mighty. And I am your bread, and I am your wine, and your water.  I am the resurrection and I am life eternal.  And that life was planted in the midst of me by the grace of God.  And whither-so-ever It goes, I go too.  And It says to me over and over again, “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.  I will be with thee to the end of the world.”  And I understand that that means the grace of God.  And it will appear as form; whatever form is necessary to my experience at any given moment.

Now, you see that my mind, the mind of a businessman who knew no spiritual truth, now imbued with this truth becomes a law of health and supply unto you.  And the day will come when you, a businessman or a housewife or a businesswoman; your mind imbued with truth, will become a law of resurrection to many a dying person. You will become a law of resurrection to many lost fortunes; a law of resurrection to many a lost employment; a law of resurrection to health, and harmony, and wholeness. Your mind imbued with truth.  And then some of your old friends and relatives come by and say, “Why I knew you when you were…”  “Yes, I know all about it. You knew me when I was the unillumined human mind. But what you don’t know is that I died. I died and I have been reborn by virtue of truth that now fills the same mind that  in past times pleasures, amusements occupied.”  So it is.