A Christian Science teacher used the example of mathematics there. He said, “X represents infinity.” Well then, “X” can’t equal anything else, because there can’t be anything outside of “X.” You can’t add to “X” if “X” represents infinity.

And if I represent Infinity and I Am the way, the truth, and the life, is there any way, truth, and life out here? Is there any love or supply out here? No. Whatever comes into my life must come into it by means of my expressing it, for I and the Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine, and I must open out a way for the imprisoned Splendor to escape. Browning saw that. I must open out a way.

When Burrows wrote that, “My own shall come to me.” It was because he had the vision that My is spelt with capital “M.” My own, God’s own. That which belongs to the I Am of me shall come to me.

Now in this lesson you see the simplicity of The Infinite Way, but also you see where the difficulty is going to be when you practice it, because now it’s a matter of self-training, self-discipline. You can’t indulge yourself in the world and expect to practice this. You’ve got to keep yourself separate from the world so that nothing destroys your awareness.

And the same thing as a salesman going out to sell. In this truth he can’t go out to sell. He can only go out to give and to serve, because since I and the Father are one, I already have it, so I can’t go out to get more. And you can’t sell truth; you can only give it, and so when you go out, you can’t sell your merchandise, you can only give it. You can give service. You can give love. You can give guidance. You can give truth. The reflex action of it will appear as sales.

A salesman must learn to go out and give. “Open out a way for the imprisoned Splendor to escape,” and the bread that he casts on the water will return. Naturally, I don’t mean you go out and give your merchandise away. I mean that you go out to give yourself. You give the truth that’s embodied in you. You give the love that’s embodied in you. You give the service that’s embodied in you. And then the human appearance can appear as sales in the same way that in our spiritual work it isn’t possible for us to sell truth. If we could sell truth, the thing for us to do would be to appeal only to millionaires, because they can pay the biggest prices for it. But, we cannot sell truth; we can only give truth.

The fact that we charge for a class doesn’t mean we are selling truth; it merely means that we’re paying our expenses for whatever it may be. Nobody can buy truth. They can be grateful for truth, but they can’t buy it. If you could buy truth all the millionaires in the world would have it.

I thank you, but at the same time, I feel sorry for you now, as you go out to practice this, I frankly tell you.