This is what makes it so difficult for metaphysicians to understand our message. They’re approaching it from their metaphysical background, and this isn’t it at all, as you can see by this. It is difficult also for people, because of the centuries of orthodox beliefs that are behind us. They cannot catch the vision that God can’t do anything. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Nothing changes in God. He cannot inaugurate peace on earth today or tomorrow or next week, because in His kingdom there has never been anything but peace on earth as it is in heaven. They cannot understand that God cannot heal a disease, because God never permitted a disease. There never has been a disease. All that God has been from the beginning, God is now.

We come into the awareness of the harmony of God today or tomorrow or next week or in this lifetime or the next, but it’s always been there. We may come into a state of prosperity today which we never knew before, but it’s always been there. Don’t ever forget that in all of the times of depression there is no less gold in the world or silver or platinum or diamonds or pearls or potatoes or carrots or meat or wine or water. In other words, there is no less wealth in the world in our days of poverty than in our days of abundance. All that’s happened is we have come into the awareness and demonstration of it.

There were millionaires made in the 1930’s. Plenty of people became millionaires. Plenty of people made fortunes of a hundred, two/three hundred thousand dollars. It isn’t that there wasn’t just as much wealth in the world in the 1930’s as there is now. So, therefore, how could you go to God for wealth? If you’re not getting it, it isn’t God’s fault. His wealth is here. We are not tuned in, and the reason we are not tuned in is that we allow ourselves to be hypnotized by appearances.

I had one experience with a man who, up to the depression, was a millionaire, and who, when he came to me, couldn’t afford five dollars a week for room rent, and who, within eighteen months after that, was the partner in a big prosperous firm again—all during the early years of the depression. Was there any greater wealth one time than another? No. No, the hypnotism was broken. How? By recognizing that evil conditions are merely hypnotism appearing and the recognition is the treatment. You don’t do anything afterward.

It’s like you look out in the distance and you see a horizon. You recognize it as a horizon. Can you get rid of the horizon? No, that’ll never go from there, because it isn’t there at all. It’s a misconception, isn’t it? But, even though the appearance stays there, you’re not fooled or limited by it. You can go down on a ship and go anywhere you want merely because you’ve recognized horizons. Before 1492, you couldn’t have done that, because horizon was supposed to be a physical condition. So you don’t have to do anything to a horizon, do you?

All right, if you go to the desert, and you see the illusion out there—the mirage. As long as you believe in it, you’re fooled by it. But what happens to it the moment you recognize that it is mirage? It falls away, doesn’t it? And you go right on about your business? Then it’s no longer a condition is it? It’s just an illusion now. You’re not bothered with an illusion—that won’t stop your progress across the desert. So it is, you do not get rid of evil.

An Infinite Way practitioner does not overcome evil or destroy evil or get rid of evil, but an understanding Infinite Way practitioner recognizes every appearance, everything that you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell as the product of a universal hypnotism and drops it. This is the secret of our healing work.

This is why my own work as a Christian Science practitioner flourished for sixteen years across the entire United States, and made me known throughout the United States.

And that is why that in the seventeen years or more of The Infinite Way, we have become world-known, not because we’ve written books, there are loads of metaphysicians who have written books who have not become world known and world established. There were metaphysicians long before Joel Goldsmith writing books who are absolutely unknown in the rest of the world, and who have no world work.

Then what established The Infinite Way? The Fruitage! The fact that people could write from South Africa or Australia or England or France or anywhere else, and were never turned down. Nobody ever said, “No, no, no. I can’t take care of you. I’m too busy, or I’m doing something else.” Instantly I am immediately with you. Relax and rest in the assurance of My Peace and of My grace, and it happened. It happened in all parts of the world, and therefore, we have today five books and a monthly letter in German, and two more books each year being translated and published. We already have two books in French, a third one has just been translated, and the fourth one is starting. We have one in Dutch. We have one in Japanese; they’re all keeping on in their increasing. Why? Because of the fruitage of the work.

We have some practitioners who have very, very small practices, and they do not increase very much or very rapidly, and we have some practitioners who flourish. What is the difference? The same principle. One knows the principle exactly, thoroughly, concretely, and works specifically with them, and doesn’t deviate back and forth, stands on these two factors of our principles: The nature of God and My kingdom, and the nature of evil and its world, and stands fast in that, until they develop such a consciousness of it that they are not fooled by appearances. They don’t sympathize. They don’t pity. They have a human understanding because they know that in our ignorance we were the same as the rest of the world, so that we never lose that compassion that realizes that as long as they’re hypnotized, they’re going to know good and evil.

That is why we cannot rejoice over good health, because good health can drop dead tomorrow. See? The only good health that you must attain is the health that comes through the realization of your own identity as I am, and the fact that the rest of this world is a hypnotic experience and drop it. Do not be concerned with it. Do not fight it. Why do you think the Master taught, “Resist not evil”? Would he have done that if you have to fight error? Resist not evil. Put up thy sword. Those who live by the sword will die by it. Those who live by fighting evil are going to die by that evil.

Once you enter the kingdom of God and realize a spiritual peace, you will at the same time, realize that you never had an enemy in any form. All you ever were faced with was an hypnotic world: The world of which the substance was hypnotism, and you were fooled by the pictures formed by hypnotism. And one day you were fooled by a fire, and one day by tidal waves, and the next day by volcanoes, and the next day by epidemics, and the next day by unhappinesses, and the next day by poverties, and every day, hypnotism formed a new picture for you. And as fast as you got out of one picture, it produced another picture.

But, if you lay the axe at the root and say, “Ah, you’ll not fool me again; I know the fabric of this world is nothingness. The fabric of this world is hypnotism. There is no law to any of its pictures; no law of disease; no law of health.” The only law there is: I Am, for I Am the law. There is no law operating in me, on me, or through me for I Myself am the law. There is no good can come to me for I Am is the only good. No peace can come to me: My Peace give I unto you who do not know this truth.

Nobody has any peace to give me. Nobody has any prosperity to give me. Nobody has any health to give me. Nobody has any love to give me. I am love! And that is why writing once on the subject of companionship, I said, “You cannot get companionship, because it doesn’t exist out here. Companionship is something you have to express, and when you begin to express companionship, a companion appears, but if you look for it to appear out here, it can’t, and it’s the same with love.”

Those people in this world who are waiting to be loved, are going to wait seven thousand years, because the only love there is is the love we express, and the moment we express it, it comes back to us. The bread that I cast upon the water is earmarked for return to me. Love cannot come into my life until I love. Then, when it comes into my life, it may not come through those I expected or want it. Therefore, I have to give up expecting and wanting.

But if I expect love, I’ll wait seven thousand years for it to come. There may be a lot of imitations of it come along, but in the long run, they’ll all prove to have been nothing. If I want love, I must love. If I want abundance, I must give. If I want companionship, I must be a companion. If I want friendship, I must be a friend. Why? Because I and My Father are one, and I already have all that the Father hath, so there cannot be all that I have and some left over to be out here.