1963 Instructions for Teaching The Infinite Way

(This class was given in 1964)

Joel S. Goldsmith

551A – The Simplicity of the Healing Work


Good afternoon.

Of course we are now in 1964, adding this teachers’ tape to the series made in 1963. And I want to start off by telling you that The Infinite Way Monthly Letters of 1964 consist of an entire series devoted to spiritual healing in accord with the principles of The Infinite Way. That may not be spiritual healing as somebody else understands it; that is only spiritual healing as it is practiced in the message of The Infinite Way. And this series will include both aspects of spiritual healing that are included in The Infinite Way, that is the metaphysical and the mystical. The mystical approach to spiritual healing cannot be accomplished by anyone until the metaphysical principles of The Infinite Way are so much a part of them that they have become like flesh and bones unto them.

In other words, the mystical consciousness is developed through the metaphysical, and more especially through Infinite Way metaphysical, because we do have specific, consistent principles which develop consciousness. In other words, we do not have a system that says one day that your wrong thinking produced your troubles, and then the next day that your wrong thinking isn’t a cause. We do not give you a treatment one day for muscles and brain and heart and the next day give you another kind of treatment for something else. In other words, the metaphysical principles of The Infinite Way are absolutely consistent, and they are based on this: That God is Consciousness, the infinite Consciousness, and that man and the universe is this Consciousness formed, expressed, and therefore, since God is incorporeal Spirit, man and the universe is incorporeal spirituality.

Therefore, just as you have never seen God with your eyes and never will, neither have you ever seen man or this universe with your eyes. You have never yet seen a tree. You have never yet seen a flower as they are in the Garden of Eden, in the consciousness of God. All that you have seen with your eyes is a finite concept of God’s creation built on the universal belief in two powers. Therefore, you have seen concepts that are sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes young, sometimes old, sometimes sick, sometimes well, sometimes alive, and sometimes dead.

But, remember, these are not creations of God. These are creations of man—manmade concepts—so that when you look over here at me, you don’t see me. You see a concept that you have formed in your mind of me. And therefore, if I ask my neighbor to describe me, you wouldn’t recognize me, because that is not the “me” that you have formed in your mind, and if you could speak to my mother, you’d never recognize me at all, because she has still a different concept of me. Do you see that? So that none of you have ever seen me. Now, if you are in meditation sometime, and you reach a high enough consciousness, you may then see me, and know me exactly as I am—but that will only be when you are having no concepts of me, and you have risen above the mind and are beholding with the vision that God gives you.

Now then, remember that the basis of our metaphysical work is that God is Consciousness, and that this entire universe, including man, is that Consciousness formed or expressed, but in Its own image and likeness, of the same substance, same quality, same quantity, same nature, same character, so that all that is true of God is true of man and the universe.

Now, as against this, we have what the Master called “this world.” What I first described was “My kingdom.” This now is “this world”—this world which is not of “My kingdom.” And “this world” is a state of hypnotism, and in order for you to see that clearly I will remind you that when an individual is hypnotized he can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell whatever the hypnotist puts into his mind. So that, does he ever see, hear, taste, touch, or smell anything but hypnotism in different forms? Supposing in his state, in his hypnotized state, he sees a thousand wild beasts come at him. Are they wild beasts or are they forms of hypnotism? Are they ever externalized as beasts?

If a man, in a hypnotized state, saw himself in a burning fire, burning up, would there be a fire there and would he be burning up? Would he? No. Because the substance of the fire would be hypnotism, wouldn’t it? All right, supposing a millionaire is hypnotized, and he sees himself in the form of a beggar; is he a beggar? Is there a beggar there? Is there anything there but hypnotism? Supposing a poor man is hypnotized and sees himself as a millionaire; can he go out and spend his money? No, he hasn’t any. He only has hypnotism.

Now, the healing principle of The Infinite Way is that since God is Consciousness, universal, infinite Consciousness, appearing as individual man, formed, expressed as individual man and the universe; this is a spiritual universe. And since every appearance of error is the product of hypnotism—a hypnotism caused by a belief in two powers—there are no such things as cancers or consumptions or poverties or unemployment or erroneous people or sinners—there is no such thing. And in the proportion that you see such things, you are hypnotized, and you are seeing forms of hypnotism. When you are dehypnotized you will see me as I Am. You will see God as God is. You will see this universe as it is.

Now, an example of that is this: that in your purely human state, certain germs can cause diseases, and in that state they do, or appear to. But, when you are dehypnotized as a metaphysician, you can heal those diseases. You not only don’t catch them, but you heal them. Why? Because you see these germs now in their true light, and they can’t be destructive because God has never introduced anything into His universe to destroy it. Otherwise where would you get immortality or eternality or infinity?

Therefore, in Infinite Way healing work, there is no cause for any erroneous condition except hypnotism, whether it is lack and limitation, sin, false appetite, disease, death, war, man’s inhumanity to man, unhappy marriages. There’s no use of looking in the patient’s thought for the error because it isn’t there. The error is in the universal belief in two powers, good and evil, which is so strong that it’s hypnotic, and it makes you see pictures that are sometimes good and sometimes evil. You’re not responsible for that. You didn’t create “this world.”

Therefore, you’ve never created any of the troubles that you’ve ever had in your life. You have been a victim in every case of a universal belief in two powers, which belief is so hypnotic that you’ve come under it. And therefore, you’ve looked out and you’ve said, “This person did me an injustice.” Well now if there was only one power there isn’t any power of injustice is there? Therefore, you had to be hypnotized by a belief in two powers before you could see that person or meet them.