1963 Instructions for Teaching The Infinite Way

So we in The Infinite Way have one cause of all discord—hypnotism. When you recognize this, this is the end of your treatment, because you don’t do anything to hypnotism after you’ve recognized it to be hypnotism. In other words, when a person can recognize hypnotism, they’re not hypnotized. If you were to tell a hypnotized person that what they are seeing isn’t there, you couldn’t convince them of it, because they are hypnotized. When they’re dehypnotized you couldn’t convince them that they ever believed it. And that is why your treatment consists of knowing, first of all, that Consciousness, which I am is the cause of this entire creation, including everyone in it, and that any appearance of materiality, even the good ones, are a state of hypnotism. They’re a state of hypnotism, and therefore you don’t have to work to get rid of the flame or the cancer or the unemployment, because if you got rid of them, you’d still be hypnotized, and hypnotism would then take another form.

What you have to do is lay the axe at the root, and the root is hypnotism, and the moment you’ve recognized this is hypnotism, you’re free and the patient’s free—even though it may not happen with the patient on the first realization. It may be because your realization hasn’t been really strong enough, or there are a thousand causes and reasons, in patients, why they still cling.

But the point is that you’re responsible only for you. You have to decide on whether or not The Infinite Way clicks with you, whether or not it registers, whether or not it seems to you, “This is it!” Then, you have to know what you mean by that, because if you insult your own intelligence, you cannot succeed. I mean, if you walk around affirming, “I am the child of God, I am the child of God,” and all the time you’re suffering, you’re insulting your own intelligence. If you walk around saying, “Oh, I am rich. I am the son of God,” and you’re not, you’re insulting your own intelligence. You do not make affirmations of something you hope to become. That’s insulting your own intelligence.

In this work you must know the truth. There’s no faith healing about it. It’s knowing the truth, and the truth has to do with the truth of creation—the nature of God, man, and the universe. And the nature of God is Consciousness, which I am, and the nature of the universe and man is that infinite, spiritual Consciousness forming Itself as you and as me and as the trees and the birds and the beasts.

And what of this world? This is an appearance world, based on the Adam and Eve belief in two powers—good and evil, which has become so hypnotic that now we begin to see hypnotic pictures.

The world finds a cure for one incurable disease, and then it finds another incurable disease. The newspaper here today announces the discovery in Hawaii of another terrible affliction which is coming upon us. Never heard of before, it’s just come into the world. See? They get rid of one and a new one all of a sudden makes its appearance. Well, they’ll heal that, and then another one will take its place, until the day comes when you stop playing around with coughs and colds and flu and heart and consumption and cancer, and begin to recognize: this is a form of hypnotism presenting itself to me as a condition, or this is a form of hypnotism presenting itself to me as a sick person or a poor person or an unemployed person. But, it’s a state of hypnotism.

Now with this you must understand why the Master said that you must be in the world but not of it. Unless you keep yourself separate from the world you’re going to be a part of that hypnotism, and you can’t be indulging it and at the same time, saying that it’s not there.

Therefore, the day comes when you live your life separate and apart from people, except that you go among them to reveal this truth, but not to live in their lives, because the minute you start living in the lives of your family and your friends and the people of this world, you’re accepting their hypnotism at its face value. And that is as nonsensical as the practitioners who set aside two or four hours a day to go to an office and be a practitioner. What in heaven’s name are they doing the other twenty hours in the day? Oh, they’re taking care of their household, and they’re taking care of their families, but they think that by going to an office for four hours that makes them a practitioner. You have to live this life, and the only way you can live it is just to be in it to the extent of revealing truth, but not in it to the extent of living their lives, because the lives that are being led out here is an hypnotic experience, an unreal experience, one based on the whole belief of good and evil.

It has been written, and rightly so, that the day must come when we must stop being philanthropic, because we are merely indulging another form of world hypnotism, instead of staying apart from the world in our declaration that there’s nobody to be helped, and then let those who are still struggling in the hypnotism work their way out of it. Well, I am not advocating that for us at this present time, I am advocating that we take into consideration that there are degrees of consciousness, and therefore, that if somebody asks us for bread, let’s not give them a stone. If we can help them at their level of consciousness, do it without accepting that their state is a real one, knowing that we’re helping them only at that level of consciousness.

Now, until our students arrive at the place where these two major unfoldments constitute their understanding of this message, they cannot succeed with it, because this is all there is to spiritual healing according to The Infinite Way: knowing the nature of error as a state of hypnotism, not trying to correct a state of error, not trying to improve it, not trying to have a fever go from 104 to 101, and then to 98.2, but to recognize the fact that all temperatures are a part of the material dream, because in Spirit there are no temperatures, not even normal temperatures. See that?

There are no blood pressures in Spirit. There are no heart beats in Spirit. So, therefore, we are not concerned with changing the nature of a person’s health, because there is no health in God. There’s no health in God; there’s eternality. Nothing ever disturbs eternality. I and My Father are one, therefore I am eternal. I am infinite.

There’s no such thing as amounts of supply. There is only infinity. And when you go to count the blades of grass in the lawn or the leaves on a tree or the fruit, you’ll discover that there is no such thing as a large amount or a small amount. There is only infinity, and if you could burn it all up in one day, the next day it would be right there growing again, because there is only infinity, nothing less.

You may have “X” number of dollars in your possession today, but that does not represent your supply, because if you spent them or gave them away or they got burnt up or inflation destroyed them—in the very next second they start to multiply again. Infinity is flowing—so spend them, give them away, throw them away, burn them up, whatever you like, because you cannot stop the flow of infinity as long as you recognize that God is infinite Consciousness expressing Itself.

Now God cannot stop expressing Itself on a certain date any more than He can start expressing Himself this minute or after you’ve given a treatment. The patient really isn’t any better after you’ve given a treatment than before. It’s only that now they are exhibiting more of their divine Selfhood. You don’t make them better than they were. You merely bring out through your treatment, a greater measure of their divinity.

You have seen, through orthodox religion, that there is no use of praying to God for anything, because you’re not going to get it. The reason you’re not going to get it is there isn’t any such God. Therefore, unless you do know God aright, you might just as well stop praying. But, if you understand God to be the infinite Consciousness of this universe, which means that It must be the consciousness of you and me, then you can pray, but now your prayer is a communion with your inner Self. It isn’t a seeking anything. It’s really an acknowledgement of the infinite nature of your own consciousness appearing as infinite, harmonious form. If I and My Father are one, I must be all that God is, and I must have all that God has, and that’s basic truth—then as against that, we have “this world.”