Introduction to: The Word Within

In The Series: The Art Of Meditation, is the next video available. The Word Within. The transcripts will be available in the next couple of days. Here is a short introduction to this amazing talk, let these words effect you and try to say ‘thank you’ for what has been given:

“Meditation is the real secret behind all of the work that we do in the message of The Infinite Way. It is the basis of the work and whatever measure of success has come to The Infinite Way or to the students of The Infinite Way in their lives is due primarily to the periods of meditation; much more so than to any knowledge of truth that we have.

God must become to us an experience.

Unless we experience God we will not experience the harmony

that the presence and power of God can bring to us.

We must pass in this month, those who have not already passed,

must pass from the realm of thinking about God

and reading about God to

the actual experience of God

And then must come with it the realization of the nature of prayer”

(Excerpt from The Word Within by Joel S.Goldsmith)

Listen to the whole tape here

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