1952 New Washington Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

7C-A – A New Meditation 4/4

What I’m now beginning to perceive through this meditation is that since these are not laws, why should I be bound by them one minute after this minute? Why do I not consciously realize that since these so-called laws aren’t laws, and they are really not binding except in proportion as I accept them, that I can at this moment or any other moment agree to live by grace, and to turn within for divine government every minute of every hour of every day? I see something here: that as we relinquish this personal sense, this idea of looking outside for rules to live by that there will be imparted to us from within our own being that which is necessary for us to know; that which is necessary for us to experience. And because it is of a divine nature, this divine grace will act to our good, and to the good of all those who are brought into association with us.

Now, students, can you not see that this meditation which began with merely a thought of law and grace, through permitting one thought after another to unfold from that beginning has now brought me to a state of consciousness in which I truthfully tell you I have lost my fear of law: theological law, medical law, financial law, economic law, laws of man. Since this meditation alone has revealed to me the non-power of such impositions, and I feel a great confidence, a great feeling of love welling up in me as I realize that my Father has placed within me a divine grace through which I am harmoniously and bountifully governed forever and forever.

I hear it. I hear it: I will never leave you. . . . I will be with you to the end of the world. This divine grace—Do you see?—this which has come that I might be fulfilled. It is a grace within me, and as I relax my conscious fears, as I even relax my human wisdom, my human knowledge, not only mine, but the human knowledge of the world, a far greater thing takes over. We call it the Christ, or we may call it divine grace. Whatever you call it, it takes over and all of a sudden you realize: Why, it isn’t necessary to fear. We can be courageous for they have only the arm of flesh. They have only beliefs. They have only human imposed laws. Whereas, we have a divine government that never changes even though administrations at Washington or London or Paris or Berlin or Moscow may change, but the government that is governing us will never change.

Oh, look, look, look, look what I see! Here we are in this year of 1952 continually being warned about the dangers of our enemies, of enemy governments, and I think back on how we were warned against Germany and Japan and now Russia. Who knows who next? And all the time this meditation leads me to see that the government is on His shoulder—Christ’s shoulder—and I need not fear any government external to my own being. I don’t know how you feel, but I have experienced a sense of release in this meditation just as I did in the first meditation on this reel, and I am sure that if you will practice this form of meditation you will soon be writing me wonderful letters of its effect upon you.

Do you see how this meditation works now? Let us assume that, in one way or another, or on one subject or another, that we are in some state of heaviness or distress or question or doubt, and we sit down to meditate remembering that only those who have will receive more. And so we turn to find something that is in our consciousness like the Hebrew prophet asked the woman, What have you in the house? Remember, it makes no difference how little you have in the house. It makes no difference if you have only one statement of truth, if you can remember only one quotation of scripture, only one word of God, you start with that, and you ponder just that one until out of seemingly nowhere a second thought comes and a third and a forth, and eventually, instead one by one they come two by two and the result is that in just a short time you’ll find yourself being flooded with assurances, promises, scriptural statements, divine authority, and with each of these some of the burden drops from your shoulder, and ultimately you find yourself lifted up into a state of consciousness in which discord, inharmony are unknown.

You find yourself freed of earthly fetters. You find forms of sin and disease have disappeared out of your awareness and not because you have given them treatments, but because you have taken the word of God, which you now live by. We no longer live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. And so you take a word of God to live by and you let it be followed automatically by all that will unfold, and then watch the state of enlightenment, illumination, freedom from fear, freedom from lack and limitation, and above all a touching of the Divine. You will then know the meaning of freedom—spiritual freedom.

I’m going to carry this further on the second track of this reel, and incidentally, students and friends, this is the first tape made on our professional recorder, which we have just received here today in Honolulu. You will note that it is clearer than any we have made before. Of course, there are a few background noises. We do have lots of airplanes out here in Hawaii, and my room here, the room in which I live and in which I am doing this recording has four very large windows and an open screened door, so you know that we are bound to pick up some of the outside noises. I’m sure that these will not bother you too much since the voice track itself is very, very clear.

Now you will note that this reel is a serious lesson. It is something you will have to practice, and please feel free to write me if there are any questions on this new meditation. I will be glad to answer them. If there is any help I can give you, you surely know that it is my pleasure to give it to you, but one thing I do ask of you: Be serious. Really practice this new form of meditation and others that I’m going to give you from now on, because I am convinced that nothing can change your outer experience from a materialistic one to a spiritual one, from a discordant and inharmonious one to a very joyous one except whatever it is that will lift you above the physical and mortal sense of existence into the divine consciousness where you are touched by the Christ, the divine Presence itself.

So for now Aloha, Aloha and my blessings.