Infinite Way Letter
June 1955
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 5
Higher Views of God, Prayer and The Self – continued

How often we say that and then, in some way, outline what our hopes or desires or ambitions may be. We seem to think that if those hopes or desires are good that makes it alright—we only desire our children to be healthy and well-behaved, and our neighbor to be successful. If God is the All-knowing Mind, the Infinite Intelligence and Wisdom of the universe, the Divine Love and the only Power, why desire at all? Why not let God’s Wisdom reveal Itself? Why not let God’s Love unfold and disclose Itself within you? If you pray and do not receive an answer, it is because you are praying amiss. In some way you are pretending a greater wisdom than that of God, and you may even be pretending a greater love than that of God. If desire is for things or conditions, it is sin.
True prayer is an absolute conviction that God is intelligence and love; that there is no power from God, no power in opposition or conflict with God. Therefore, nothing is interfering with God’s love for His Children. Nothing that you can do will influence God to be more than God nor less than God. Watch what happens as you begin to accept this kind of a God, and no longer reach out, but merely stand still in being and say, “God is.” What greater prayer than those two words? God is, and as long as God is, why should you be concerned? Your only concern should be if you still doubt that God is. On the whole, much of the world doubts God or they would not waste so much time praying for this or that. If they really believed that God is Divine Intelligence and Love, why would they spend all this time trying to influence God? God is—Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things, is the acknowledgment of the Presence, the Wisdom, the Love and the Power of God in your experience.
We shall go back now to a previous statement: There is no withholding God, and there is no giving God. God is a state of eternal and immortal being; a state of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love. The Life of God cannot be lengthened nor can it be shortened. The Life of God cannot age nor can it change. God is a state of eternal, immortal, infinite Being of Good. “…God is light, and in him is no darkness at all…and God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” That should be our attitude of prayer.
The acknowledgment of Divine Grace is prayer. In the light of the recognition of God as that which needs no enlightenment as to what we need, desire, or think we should have, prayer, then, is a recognition of the nature of God. Prayer also is a recognition of our relationship to God. Our relationship to God is Oneness, but sometimes our prayers would make it appear that we were poor, insignificant little creatures, praying up to a great Deific Being who holds our fate in His hands. That passes for humility, in spite of the fact that scripture says, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” We are not less than God: we are co-existent with God. We are the Children of God, “And if children, then heirs: heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ.” How, then, could the Son pray a prayer of petition, seeking or asking of the Father? Your heavenly Father knoweth your needs, but if you outline what that need is, you are putting forth your own concepts in such a way as to believe that you can inform or influence God to bring it about. Our Divine Father need not be reminded of His duty to us. All we must do is acknowledge God, acknowledge the all-knowingness of the All-knowing Mind, the all-lovingness of Divine Love; acknowledge the All-power of That which knows no other power than Its own infinite nature and being.
The heading over the 23rd Psalm reads: “David’s confidence in God’s Grace.” “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” That one line is enough of a prayer. As you continue reading this beautiful poem, you become aware of the continuous assurance of God’s love, and you will notice that it does not contain one word of appeal to God.
As you approach something of this concept of God and prayer (which is vastly different from the world’s concept) you will come to understand another reason for failure in prayer. As a rule, and even in metaphysics, we pray to God in the expectancy or hope of something that is to emanate from God, or through God. We set up a sort of triangle in which we, down here, pray to God, up there, for something, out there. In other words, God is a way-station, a means through which we hope to achieve something. But the truth is, that God and I and whatever I am praying for are one—“I and my Father are one…all things that the Father hath are mine”—it is already established!
God is the substance of all form, God is infinite, God is all-inclusive, so the only thing to pray for is the realization of God. God is my life, my supply, my high tower, my fortress, but let us not ask for a translation of that in human terms. Just let it be spiritual, and you will find that “…your life is hid with Christ in God.” But, because God is infinite, when you make your contact with God you find supply, companionship, housing, health, wholeness, immortality and eternality included in God. It is when you think of God as the means toward that which you desire that your hopes will be dashed to earth. If your prayer does not stop at God, there is no answer.
Prayer is recognition, prayer is abiding in confidence, and we align ourselves with all of the Good of God through this prayer of acknowledgment—Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things—and then rest and let that sufficiency appear in accord with God’s Will. If He wants to make that appear as a home, a marriage, a business—fine, let us follow where He leads. But let us never attempt to direct God! Let us make a greater effort to watch ourselves each time we are tempted to pray for something. Instead, let our prayer be that we may have the recognition of God Itself, and we will find that that will suffice.
Let us have no hopes, no desires, no expectations beyond that of realizing the Omnipresence of God. Therein can desire be prayer. Desire is prayer, if the desire is for God alone, but the moment desire goes beyond that, it is sin. God is all, therefore pray for God. God already is your being, therefore let your prayer be this calm assurance of God’s Grace, the complete confidence in God’s Presence, Wisdom and Love. “Thy Grace, Thy Love, Thy Wisdom is my sufficiency in all things,” is the greatest prayer that can be uttered, and if you never know another that will be enough.
End Part 2