1959 New York Closed Class

Tape 290 Side 1

 The Blessed “l”

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of  3

Therefore, the way we live this particular 70, 80, 90 years determines, in great measure, the life that we will lead after we leave this visible scene. Because, and I believe that was said last night, whereas we will check at the probate court all of the treasure that we have laid up in store houses, we will sneak past that probate court and take with us the treasures that have been laid up in heaven. In other words, the spiritual treasures, the developed consciousness. This goes with us. You must understand that we do not exist as bodies. We are not bodies, and we do not live in bodies. Those of you who have either been in the classes or who have heard the tapes from those classes in which we have had the experience of searching for ourselves will understand this fully. Because there are so many new students in this class and because I believe it will be helpful even to the older ones, I think it would be a good exercise for us now.

Close your eyes because we are on the subject of our individual identity. Close your eyes and be at peace. With your eyes closed, look down at your feet. Ask yourself the question, “am I down there? Is that me? Are those feet me? Am I those feet?” As you sit back, wait for the answer, it will be evident to you that those feet are yours. Now do not leave the feet until you are convinced, until something within you tells you truly that those feet belong to you, that they are your feet. If it appears to you that this is true, that these are your feet, then you have already seen beyond a doubt that there is a you and feet. You are not the feet, but there is a you which possesses these feet and uses them. And so you may go to the knee and go to the waist and go to the chest and search up and down there and see if you can come into agreement with this that this body is yours. This body is yours. The heart is yours. The arms are yours. Every organ and function in your body belongs to you. As you go up, you will find that you have a brain. In order to follow with us, you will have to have an answer to the question, “am I this brain or is this brain mine? Does this brain belong to me? Do I function through this brain? Is there a me and brain? Are these eyes my eyes? Are these ears my ears?” The Master says, “do you have eyes, do you have ears?” Do you believe this that you have eyes and you have ears or do you believe that you are eyes and you are ears? Is there a you that has ears and has eyes? Is there a you that has a brain? Is there a you that has a body?

Now search up and down this body and see if you can find yourself anywhere within its confines. Or if you are compelled to say, “no, no I cannot find myself in this body. This body is mine. I put it to bed at night, and I take it up in the morning. I walk it outdoors. I take it with me wherever I go. I use it for walking; I use it for eating. I use these eyes for seeing. I use these ears for hearing. I never bathe me; I bathe my body.” Ah but you – are you agreeing with this? Do you perceive this that there is a you and that you can say to your feet, “walk forward – walk backward – walk to the left – walk to the right. That you can say to your hands – give, receive, lift up, put down.” Is there a you with dominion over this body?

Now the first point of this exercise is to establish the fact beyond all doubt in your own mind that there is a you and that you have a body. You may even agree that you have a purse. You have a check book. You have clothing. Always there is a you. Not only this, you can give your purse, and you can give your clothing. You can give your checks. There is a you which is in dominion, full dominion over your possessions; and your body now – you see – is one of your possessions. It is not you. – it is one of your possessions. It is that which is given to you as an instrument for moving about.

End Part 2