The Christ (2/5)

1950 First Portland Class

Tape 4 Side 1

The Christ

By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 5
Now, as you read through your gospels, see if this is not the teaching of the Master. See if this is not what he meant by Christianity: I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the resurrection; I am the bread; I am the wine; I am the water. Now, let me call your attention to his most mystical, transcendental teaching because it follows naturally; it’s the second step in this unfoldment of oneness.
The scene is at the well of Samaria, and he’s talking with the Samaritan woman. She has just asked him how he was going to get this water. He has no bucket to let down, and he had told her that he could give her water: “Oh, if you would ask me, I would give you water to drink, and if you drank it, you would never thirst again.” She was astonished at that. Well, you haven’t got a bucket to let down to get this water. It’s a very deep well. Then he explained to her, “If you knew who I am….” And that’s the secret: If you knew who I am, then you would know that the infinite allness of God pours through me and I can feed multitudes; I can heal multitudes; I can be all things to all men. Why? Because the infinite goodness of God is manifest in or through my individual being. So if you knew who I am, then you’d know that I could give you this spiritual water and you would never thirst again.
Right after that the disciples come along, and they realize the Master has been talking to this woman and forgotten his lunch. They are disturbed about it and they say, “Shall we go to the city and get you some meat?” “Oh, no,” he says, “I have meat ye know not of.” I again, you see. I have meat…. Where did he have it? He didn’t have it with him. He didn’t carry any meat belt around with him or packages of meat. No, we know he was talking mystically. We know he was talking transcendentally. We know he was talking spiritually. He meant: I have an inner substance that supports me and supplies me, and I’m not too concerned whether I eat regularly on the outer realm, since even if I don’t, I have that within me which sustains me. That’s what he meant. That’s what he meant to the woman too, when he said, I could give you water…. He meant that he had within his own being that which we call the water of life, that is, the breath of life, and the meat, and on another occasion he spoke of the bread of life: I am the bread of life. In other words, without drawing from the outside, I have that within me which feeds, maintains, and sustains.
Then you say, does that mean that you can stop eating and drinking forever? No, it doesn’t. It means that our reliance is not on that which is external, that we don’t have to achieve our wine, our water, our bread, our meat on the outer realm, it means that the substance of our good is within us and at the right time, it will appear out here. And if we are missing one meal or two or three, or forty days fasting won’t hurt, because there’s always enough of that inner substance, that realization, that Christ consciousness that we can dispense with the things of the outer world.
Now, on this teaching of the inner life, the inner substance, we have the secret of the Master’s demonstration. He never had to be concerned or worried about things in the external realm because he always had that within him which was greater than anything in the external realm. Not only that, but that which was in him, the Invisible, was actually the substance of what appeared outwardly as food and drink and clothing and transportation and all that was necessary. Now, these people who live solely on the outer realm, who always have to have something out here; remember that they are never certain from day to day of having it, and if it’s taken away from them, they’re lost. You remember how many people in the depression jumped out of windows. Only one reason for that: there was no excuse for it at all, because there wasn’t anything they’d ever had in their lives that they couldn’t get again.
It’s a marvelous thing to know that the same intelligence that brought you to whatever place you are in life today, if you lost it all, would bring you there tomorrow. If you destroy this temple, in three days I will raise it up again. If you take from me every dollar in the world, it would only be a very short time I’ll have the same amount I have now and a little bit more. Why? The same consciousness, the same Spirit, the same intelligence that has brought me today, it will do the same tomorrow. How am I going to get separated from my own power, from my own intelligence, from my own wisdom; it’s an impossibility. Therefore, instead of getting attached to the dollar bills on the outer realm, try realizing that those dollar bills only came to me by virtue of an inner quality—call it an intellectual quality or an intelligent quality or a spiritual quality—whatever it is you want to call it, whatever it is that brings me a dollar today, that same quality will bring me another tomorrow.
So, the moment you begin to realize that you have that within you which will always be appearing in the outer realm as your good, you can never be separated from your good. Never forget that. There is a second of the Master’s teachings: I have meat ye know not of. I have a well-spring of water within me that just bubbles up unto life everlasting. He didn’t say he had a meat market; he didn’t say that he had orchards or farms; he said, “I have meat within me; I have water, well-springs of water; I am the bread; I am the wine.” He didn’t even say there was a power that would resurrect him. I am the resurrection; I am that power; I have within me all that is necessary to raise up this body tomorrow—to give it new life, new energy, new strength, new form.
All of that is contained within my own consciousness, but I must recognize it. I must begin with the Master’s teaching. I must recognize that the kingdom of God, of all good is within me. The source of all good is within me. Then as I know that and permit it to unfold; permit it to come into expression as he said it: without taking thought; knowing that the divine Father within me knoweth that I have need of these things. Never forget when he said, “Your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of these things,” he told you where the heavenly Father was. “The Father within me, He doeth the work; The kingdom of God is within you.” And therefore, the moment you know this great truth that I have within my own consciousness that power which will appear outwardly, I have the second great secret of the Master.
End Part 2

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