Infinite Way Letter

March 1955

By Joel Goldsmith


Part 1 of 7

        In the material sense of life, the word “protection” brings up the thought of defense or armor, a hiding place from an enemy, or some sense of withdrawal from danger. In the mental sciences, protection refers to some thought or idea, or some form of prayer that would save one from injury or hurt from an outside source. In the use of the word “protection” thought is immediately drawn to the fact that existing somewhere is a destructive or harmful activity or presence of power, and that protection, by word or thought, is a means of finding security from this danger to one’s self or one’s affairs.

        In The Infinite Way we have learned that God is One: therefore, God is one power, and we live in that conscious One-ness. The moment the idea of God as One begins to dawn in consciousness we understand that in all this world there is no power and no presence from which we need protection. You will see this as you dwell on the word “Omnipresence,” and realize that in this All-presence of Good you are completely alone with a divine harmony—a harmony which pervades and permeates consciousness, and is in itself the All-ness and the Only-ness of Good.

        Ponder this idea and meditate upon it, and note how the revelation and assurance comes to you, within your own being that this is true: there is but One, and because of the nature of that One there is no outside influence for either good or evil. There is no presence or power to which to pray for any good that does not already exist as Omnipresence, right where you are. In your periods of communion note the assurance that comes with the realization that God alone is, and that God’s Presence is infinite. There is no other power; there is no other Presence; there is no destructive or harmful influence in any person, place or thing; there is no evil in any condition. God could not be One and yet find an existence separate and apart from that One. God alone is being—think of that, God alone is Being. How then can you pray to God in word or thought, or how can you defend yourself, mentally or physically, in the realization of God as being the One and the Only Being?

        The Master has told us: “There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.” Our studies and meditations have revealed that whatever of discord or inharmony is manifest in our experience today is coming through the activity of our own thought. We have accepted the universal belief of a power, a presence and an activity apart from God; we have accepted the belief that some one or some thing, outside of our own being, can be a presence or power for evil in our experience; and that acceptance of this rather universal belief cause much of our discord and inharmony.

        As we consciously bring ourselves back, day after day, day after day, to the actual awareness of God as Infinite Being, God manifesting and expressing Itself as our individual being, we understand more fully that all power flows out from us, through us, as a benediction and blessing to the world, but that no power acts upon us from without our own being. As students of The Infinite Way, it must become clear to us that there is no power acting upon us from without our own being for either good or evil. Just as we have learned that the stars, the creations of God in the heavens, cannot act upon us in accord with astrological belief, so we have learned that conditions of weather, climate, infection, contagion, or accident likewise cannot act injuriously upon those who have come into some measure, at least, of the understanding of the nature of God and the nature of individual being. We are constantly being reminded to become more and more aware of the nature of God, the nature of prayer, and the nature of individual being, so that we will understand ourselves as the off-spring of God, of whom it is truly said, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

End Part 1