Protection (2/7)

Do you not see that the world is seeking peace (just as it is seeking safety and security) outside of its own being? Whereas, no peace, no safety and no security will ever be found except in our individual realization of God as One—the Only Being, Presence and Power.

Infinite Way Letter

March 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of 7

 Protection (continued)

        All of human existence is made up of the belief of two powers—the good and the evil. All religion in its beginning was nothing more nor less than an attempt to find something to deliver us from external conditions or powers of evil. Even today most religions deal with a concept of God as being some kind of great Power which, if we can only reach It, will protect and save us from these destructive influences which, it is claimed, exist outside our own being.

        Think seriously on this subject of protection or protective work, because each day we are faced with suggestions of impending or threatened dangers. Always some person, some place, or some thing is being presented as a great danger or destructive power which we must fear, or from which we must seek a God to save us. Of course, if there were such dangers, and if there were such a God, the world would have discovered, long before this, some way to reach that God.

        God’s All-ness makes it utterly impossible for any destructive or evil influence or power to exist anywhere—in heaven, on earth, or in hell—so do not make the mistake of thinking of God as some great power which is able to save you from a destructive person or influence if only you can reach Him. Do not make the common mistake of thinking that The Infinite Way is just another method of finding God, or another manner of praying to bring God’s influence into your experience in order to overcome discord, error, evil, sin and disease. No! Rather, understand that this Message is bringing the awareness of God as One; of God as infinite individual being; of God as All-Presence and All-Power.

        The universal belief in two powers, good and evil, will continue to operate in our experience until we individually—remember this, you and I individually—reject the belief in two powers. In the tenth chapter of Luke, you will read that the Master sent the seventy disciples out, “two by two, into every city and place, whither he himself would come.” When the seventy returned they rejoiced, saying, “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.” But the Master replied,”… rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you: but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

        In this age we need a great deal of protective thought, but the nature of that thought must be the realization that God’s All-ness precludes the possibility of there ever existing a source of evil in the world itself, or one able to operate in individual experience. Our protective work, or our prayers for protection, must consist of the realization that nothing exists anywhere, at any time in our experience of the past, present or future, that is of a destructive nature. Through our studies and meditations eventually we will come to that God-contact within us, wherein we receive that divine assurance: “Lo, I am with you always.” This will not come as a protection against evil powers or destructive forces, but as a continuous assurance of One Presence, One Power, One Being, One Life, One Law. It is in this awareness of One-ness that we find our peace.

        It would be a wonderful thing if students would take this subject of protection into daily meditation for the next month or two, saying nothing about it to anyone. Do not discuss or mention it, but just keep it a secret subject within yourselves until you arrive at a place in consciousness where you actually can feel that God is One, and that the secret of protection lies not in seeking a God to save or secure you against some outside intrusion, but rather that safety, security and peace are entirely dependent on your remembrance and realization of the truth of God as One—Infinite One.

        Do you not see that the world is seeking peace (just as it is seeking safety and security) outside of its own being? Whereas, no peace, no safety and no security will ever be found except in our individual realization of God as One—the Only Being, Presence and Power. We cannot tell the world about peace or safety or security, but we can find it for ourselves and thereby let the world see by our experience that we have found a Way higher than superstitious belief in some power of good that miraculously saves us from some power of evil. We cannot tell the world that there is no danger from outside sources, influences or powers, but our realization of this truth can make the harmony and completeness and perfection of our lives so evident that others, one by one, will turn to seek that which we have found.

        What have we found? Have we found a God to whom we can pray, and from whom we can receive special favors that others, less favored, cannot receive? Have we found a God to whom we can pray and receive healing or supply or protection? No! No! we have found no such thing: we have found God as One; we have found God as our very being. We have found God to be the Life—not a life subject to sin, disease or death, but the One and Only Life; we have found God to be eternal and immortal Life, our very individual life. We have found God to be the Law—not a law that can be used to offset laws of heredity, infection, contagion or disease, but the One Infinite, Omnipresent Law—maintaining and sustaining the harmony and perfection of Its own creation at all times.

        God is One, and beside Him there is no other. Because we know the nature of God as One, we know the nature of prayer as the realization of One-ness.

        “Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.”


End Part 2




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