From – The 1981 Infinite Way Letters
“Our Only Freedom”
Excerpt of Chapter 12
By Joel Goldsmith

To fully understand the significance of Christmas, one must understand the nature of God and the function of the son of God.

The Nature of God
What is the nature of God? God is eternal; God is infinite. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. That which is, always has been and always will be. And since you and the Father are one, the infinite nature of Gods’ being is your being. All that the Father hath is established in you: His wisdom, His mind, His glory, His grace, His presence, His being. The very breath of His life is the breath of your life, because “I and the Father are one.”
Since God is eternal, since God is from everlasting to everlasting, since what God has done is forever – then the son of God has been in all human consciousness since the very beginning. Mankind has had within his own soul the divine peace and grace of God; therefore, since the very beginning the son of God has been in the midst of every individual ever created. Two thousand years ago when Christ, the son of God, was born was not the beginning. What took place two thousand years ago was the revelation of an experience that has been continuous through eternity.
Christmas is the revelation made two thousand years ago that God had planted in every human consciousness from the very beginning the seed that was to evolve as His Son. This seed – a spiritual influence, a spiritual power – which evolves as the son of God has been planted in consciousness of every single individual ever born into human experience. No one escapes it. No one has ever existed, or exists now, or ever will exist, without this seed having been implanted in his consciousness and which develops as the son of God in you.
This seed that lies buried within us will remain a seed forever without developing or evolving until it receives nourishment. That nourishment is recognition. The moment that I look upon you and realize that within you is the son of God, the moment I recognize the son of God in you, I become the food, the sunshine, the rain to that seed to you. Every time that we see an individual and realize – without expressing it, without writing it – “there too is the grace of God, there too is the son of God, the grace of God is within him,” then we become a “light unto the world.” By recognizing the indwelling Christ in friend and foe, you release the imprisoned splendor.
Therefore, pray for your enemies. Pray for those who despitefully use you. Pray for your enemies by realizing: There too goes the son of God, the seed planted in the midst of them. Your recognition of that seed within him is the very nurturing that it needs to develop into the son of God and to bring it forth.

The Function of the Son of God
The function of the son of God was revealed to us clearly two thousand years ago in the ministry of Jesus Christ when he said, “I am come that [you] might have life, and that [you] might have it more abundantly,” “that ye may have eternal life.” The son of God is all of these things, and the son of God is in the midst of you. The son of God was planted within you so that you may have peace, that you may have life more abundant, that you may find within yourself all that the Father hath. “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”
God planted the seed of himself in each of us, the seed that springs forth as the fully developed son of God whose mission it is that we may know fulfillment, that our lives may be fulfilled, that we may show forth the kingdom and the glory of God. That is the secret of the significance of Christmas. The divine reality of you, the son of God in you, the Holy Grail that you are seeking is within your own consciousness. All the sacredness, the eternality, the immortality of the son of God is established within you. When you understand the nature of that which is inherent in you and which awaits your raising up in you for your redemption, your salvation, your functioning as children of God on earth, this is Christmas – this is the Christ mass – when we realize that we are sent forth to show forth all of God’s glory!