From – The Contemplative Life
By Joel Goldsmith
Chapter 12
Pages 199-200
The Spiritual Christmas
Receptivity to the Christ Is Greater in Time of Need

So it is that when we have an abundance of silver and gold, are well supplied with allies, and have archives filled with treaties of one kind or another and depend on these, we are not receptive or responsive to the Christ, that Spirit of God which was planted within each and every one of us in the beginning when we were made in the image and likeness of God, and which is part of our very being.
The consciousness that is pre-occupied with its business, its pleasures, and its comforts never has time or place for a receptivity to the Christ. Often it is only when we are depressed, discouraged, and disheartened in spirit, depleted in finances, poor in health, and weak in morals that we finally begin to make room for the Christ. The Christ, therefore, in reality is born in a stable, that is, in the lowest part of our consciousness, and it is there that we have to begin our search and continue until the tiniest glimpse of spiritual Reality is given to us.
It is at that point that we usually make a mistake. We receive some evidence of the Christ within us – the healing of a physical, mental, moral, or financial condition, and in our enthusiasm, we rush out to impart and show it to the world, often times little realizing that the world at large cares not one whit about it, and cannot even understand or believe it.
Scripture says, “except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe,” and yet the very first time that we are healed of a cold or some other minor ailment, we are so grateful that we are eager to tell about it and so enthusiastic that we almost expect the world to believe it. But Scripture again cautions us to “take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be…. there until I bring thee word” – take the Christ-child down into darkness and hide It from the world. Do not reveal this Christ that has been revealed to you: do not try to give It to this world; do not try to be a do-gooder; do not try to save the world. The world does not want to be saved any more than you wanted to be saved when you were healthy and prosperous and all was going well.
The world will accept the Christ when the world is sufficiently in need of It: The Hebrews under Pharaoh accepted Moses, but their need was great; the Hebrews under Caesar accepted the Christ, also because their need was great. And so this entire world will accept the Christ when its need becomes great enough. Some evidence of this is becoming apparent because in those countries that have experienced the greatest problems we have found the greatest receptivity and response.
There is within every one of us this Infinite Invisible, which in Christian mysticism is called the Christ or Spirit of God in us. It is the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water. It is our support and supply. No change takes place in our outer life except in proportion to our awareness of the inner Presence and Power, but as we awaken to this Spirit within us, It becomes the very substance, life, law, and activity of our experience in the without. Therefore, we are not to take thought about the things of the outer world: We are to seek the realization of this inner Presence, and then let our outer world be renewed and resurrected.