World Problems Will Be Solved By A Change of Consciousness – continued

From the book – The Infinite Way

Joel S. Goldsmith

From-Our Spiritual Resources

Page 142

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of 2

        If we continue living our human lives only for ourselves or our families, we perpetuate the evils of the world. If we permit our minds to be filled only with human thoughts, human desires, and human ambitions, we block and keep out the Christ from our community, nation, and world. Again let me remind you of this great truth: The Christ has entrance into the world only through human consciousness, and It raises up those of spiritual enlightenment.

        The words of the Christ have been on earth for thousands of years, and they have never passed completely from consciousness. In fact, Jesus told us that they would never die, and they never will. In every generation and in every age, God has raised up somebody to keep the Word alive, and God will continue to do so until enough people respond and make themselves individually responsible so that their consciousness becomes an avenue for the Christ.

        Let us accept the responsibility that our consciousness is either being a blank to the world, being destructive to the world, or being spiritually constructive. We determine that by the degree to which we open ourselves to spiritual truth. The conscious devotion of a few minutes of every hour to truth keeps our consciousness filled with truth continuously.

        It would be helpful to the world if all of us who read this chapter would participate in periods of meditation in which we do not concern ourselves with our own health or wealth or that of our family or nation, but in which our sole function is to realize the presence and power of the Christ.  When we have felt that Presence, the Christ is loosed into the world, thereby destroying material sense and establishing the kingdom of God on earth. Our consciousness is this activity of the Christ, so therefore, we will patiently wait for that feeling of the Presence, sitting in quietness and peace until it is released.

        It is said in Scripture that if there are ten righteous men in the city, the city will be saved. The very moment that we release mankind from condemnation, we help release this world from fear. As we realize the true nature of individual being and release every individual from condemnation in the realization of God as his true being, every individual within our orbit is released into God. Thus war becomes an impossibility. True, there will always be differences of opinion, for we are all at different states and stages of consciousness, and each one is entitled to his own opinions and to his own unfoldment.

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